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wonder weeks | blunder weeks

When your baby was little, do you remember reading the Wonder Weeks? Did you have the app on your phone? I did, it made a lot of sense, at the time. It was really, really comforting to think that there was not just some science to the weird baby behaviour, and that other people might be going through the same thing.

Well, let’s talk about the blunder weeks. I’ve just been chatting to some friends on FB tonight, because I’ve had a bad day. A day where I feel badly prepared, under-performing, generally not very awesome at being a mum. And then it struck me. I’m having a blunder week.

These are weeks I’ll explain like this: something changes with my daughter, the game switches up, or down, the circumstances shift, and I blunder. And it got me thinking, are the blunder weeks as definable as the wonder weeks? Well, they have been for me.

This latest one seems to be because Tibbs is suddenly all about games. And they all involve me. I am a shopkeeper. I am a nurse. I am a dragon. I am always on, a mummy dolly with everlasting batteries. If I turn my back, she’s gotten into tugging the waistband of my jeans. Or even worse, biting the seat of my pants. If I go outside to fetch the dog, she’s a starfish shape at the patio door, vibrating with good cheer for my safe return. It’s endearing. It’s tiring. It’s hard for someone like me to deal with.


So, I’m blundering. I’m feeling out of my depth, a bit fenced in, a bit like I’d just like to say ‘can we stop? I just need to stop and sit down and plan out how to deal with this, before we go any further, please.’

The last time this happened was a few months ago. I know what I need to do. I don’t actually need to sit down and plan (maybe). Firstly, I need to relax and not take anything too seriously. I need to remember that every minute that passes are minutes I will never get again with my daughter, whether they feel long, or short. I need to keep in mind that she’s watching me, and learning from the way I react to things, and set a good example.

I need to not see it as a blunder week. I need to see it as another week where things changed, and I got bigger and better at being a mum.

Do you have blunder weeks too?


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  1. So many blunder weeks. Now my girls are bigger, its the constant talking, chatting, telling me EVERY thought that passes through their mind (all three of them). Some days o must want to go hide in the pantry with my fingers in my ears 😉 I think its the ‘constantness’ of it all that exhausts me and makes me feel out of my depth. If I’ve been up all night feeding the baby, they still have the same energy and need for me while I can barely string a semtance together.

    Those days I stop and take a big breath. Remind myself how lucky I am to be needed AND that they want to tell me every thought still!

    I also think its OK for them to see that sometimes I dont know what I’m doing, or that I need five minutes peace.

    Hope next week is less blunderful lovely xx

  2. Great post. Oh yes, I have blunder weeks. There often seems to be more blunder than wonder in this life. I feel overwhelmed too- if I had that time to pause, and think then I could parent better but you’re in the moment, it’s all go until you’re too exhausted and then it all starts again. But this is it, it’s real and we’re really doing it and learning on the spot. Every week it changes and we learn more xxx

    • Thanks Claire! Especially coming from such an inspiring mum as you, and Polly, that’s really great advice xxxx

  3. Blunder weeks, blunder MONTHS! All totally normal, all totally tiring and bring on so many emotions I didn’t know existed before being a parent. Rough with the smooth and all that. xo

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