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the wriggle mums club | get your cake on

Do you remember the other week, I mentioned Wriggle and their amazing food offers? Well, this got me talking to the lovely Dan from Wriggle, about how us parents love a good meet up, and a bargain, and don’t like missing out on the best deals at all our immense places to eat and drink, just because we’ve got kids.

So, I’m excited to tell you that Wriggle has put together a very special thing, just for us! The Wriggle Mums Club (Dads too) will give you all frequent notification of places in Bristol that would like to offer great deals for parents looking to meet up and eat up en masse, all over the city. From coffee and cake with your fellow new mums to big lunches with all your family and friends, these offers will come from places that welcome you and your kids, and all the associated madness. Wriggle can be an app on your phone, or an email to your inbox, it’s up to you.

It’s really awesome to know that people like Wriggle are listening out for what we all need, so I’m very pleased to be passing this on today. Click on this link to join the Wriggle Mums Club.


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  1. Daphne Davis Daphne Davis

    Does this apply to Grandma’s too (& Grandad’s of course)!!

    • Of course! Thanks for leaving a comment. There are SO many grandparents looking after the kids in Bristol!

    • Certainly does! It’s a whole family affair. Hope it helps you discover somewhere new!

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