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see Madagascar at the Zoo | Bristol Film Festival ticket giveaway

The Bristol Film Festival is rolling in soon, and to celebrate, I’ve got two tickets to giveaway to see Madagascar at Bristol Zoo, on Friday March 11!

This is for the evening performance, which runs from 7-9pm, so maybe for slightly older/more adventurous filmgoers, who fancy saying goodnight to the animals on their way out, maybe seeing what bedtime stories they get read, and whether they wear City or Rovers pyjamas.

As well as seeing the film itself, the lucky winners also get free entry to the zoo at any point during the weekend, plus one free ticket to Wild Place, the zoo’s new out of town extension.

Madagascar, as you might know, is about a group of animals who are transported from a zoo in New York City to the island of Madagascar. With our zoo here being in relatively urban confines, it might be a fun prize for those who have always wondered what the Wild Place Project is going to mean to the animals who have been living in Clifton for so long. Also, they have lemurs from actual Madagascar living there.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment answering the following question: 

True or false, modern-day New York City is partially built on the rubble of buildings from Bristol destroyed during the Blitz.

Competition closes on 27th February.

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  1. Sian Sian

    Hello, It’s true! Would love to go to the zoo, we’ve not been yet! Fingers crossed…

  2. Kelly haskins Kelly haskins

    Yes this is true!

  3. Gavin Ware Gavin Ware

    Absolutely True 🙂

  4. Kara Kara


  5. Marie Marshall Marie Marshall


  6. jacqui jacqui


  7. Jemma sparey Jemma sparey

    Yes it’s true ?

  8. Roxane Twining Roxane Twining


  9. True! Interesting bit of trivia.

  10. james deane james deane

    yes true

  11. Alice Darley Alice Darley


  12. Emma Foster Emma Foster

    True, would love to take my daughter to this event x

  13. Samantha Snow Samantha Snow

    Yes this is true! My children would love this, so please pick me!

  14. Emma Eacott Emma Eacott


  15. Elly Thorn Elly Thorn

    Yes it’s true. My son is a HUGE Madagascar fan and would love to see it surrounded by real life animals not just teddies ?

  16. Krista Krista


  17. Katherine Threlfall Katherine Threlfall

    Yes it’s true. What a fantastic prize. Would love to treat my kids

  18. Rebecca Rebecca

    This is a rather fun and in fact true statement. 🙂

  19. Paula woodman Paula woodman


  20. Nicola McColl Nicola McColl

    True. The rubble was used as ballast in American ships on their return journey.

  21. Samantha Gray Samantha Gray

    Yes please!!

  22. Mia Neill Mia Neill

    This is true 🙂

  23. Rachael Drew Rachael Drew

    Although you wouldn’t think it is true!

  24. Carrie Butchet Carrie Butchet

    It’s true 🙂

    Would love to win!

  25. kelly wyatt kelly wyatt

    True 🙂

  26. Catherine Catherine

    True, just googled it. V interesting read. Thanks.

  27. Carol Watkinson Carol Watkinson

    It’s true!
    We love the idea of watching Madagascar in a zoo! The performance will be too late for the little one, but perfect for a grown-up (well grow-up*ish) date! We went to the zoo a few times but never at night time. So fingers crossed, and thank you for organizing such a nice give-away!

  28. Kate boulton Kate boulton

    True. Bristol & new York linked. 🙂

  29. samantha mills samantha mills

    Yes this is true my son and my autistic nephew would love this it’s there fav movie xx

  30. Abby may Abby may

    Yes this is true. Love Bristol zoo

  31. Melody chud Melody chud

    It is true 🙂 🙂 Thank You

  32. Sherell Sherell


  33. Julie Page Julie Page


  34. Tracey Gainard Tracey Gainard

    It is True

  35. Hayley Hayley

    True ???????x

  36. Rachel Rachel

    Answer – True

  37. Julie Dennis Julie Dennis


  38. Nicola Cunnington Nicola Cunnington

    It’s true! ?

  39. Petra Hora Petra Hora


  40. It’s TRUE! It was used where the East river meets 25th Street now in New York city. Such a cool fact for bristol and great that our rubble didn’t go to waste! We’d love to win these tickets to take our baby boy Sydney to see Madagascar and the zoo for the first time xxx

    • Hi Kati, you’re the winner, well done!

      • Kati Reed Kati Reed

        That’s AMAZING!! Thank you so much for picking me!!! Very excited to attend. Brilliant prize xx

  41. Samantha Cockle Samantha Cockle

    True ? X

  42. Ivy Ivy


  43. Lucy Lucy

    It’s true. What a fab competition. Keeping everything crossed as my son would love this!

  44. Adrian Bold Adrian Bold

    It’s True!

  45. Sheila Shepheard Sheila Shepheard

    TRUE – amazing fact!

  46. Eleanor Powell Eleanor Powell

    this is true

  47. Maria P Maria P

    it is true

  48. elaine stokes elaine stokes

    Yes its True

  49. Christine Hobbs Christine Hobbs

    So true, and surprising xx

  50. Karen Weedon Karen Weedon

    It’s true!

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