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making the most of it this week | braving the weather

Well, the weather’s been so completely disgusting, hasn’t it? I’m an outdoorsy sort of a person, but even I’m finding it hard to keep positive right now. Every time I step outside I get hit in the face by something – either a bucket of rain, a blast of cold air, or a howling Storm Imogen.

It’s hard, in this weather. Bloody hard. But there are some nice golden patches amongst the trials and tribulations.

IMG_9676 IMG_9679

We’ve been to Victoria Park a lot this week, because it’s such a decent place to walk a dog if you’ve got a toddler with you as well. I can just sling her on my back, or use the buggy, or, let her play whilst I chuck things for the dog. She’s obsessed by this water feature, which she calls the clubhouse (no ideas why). But, even in pelting rain and wind, she likes to splash in it and follow its trails.

IMG_9699 IMG_9701 IMG_9711

We’ve been to Watchet on the coast, which drops down to the sea from the Quantocks. It’s beautiful. You can see Wales. There’s a dear little ancient harbour, boats to spot, seagulls to avoid. There’s many curiosity shops to stick your head into. There’s a newly constructed community stage, high on the cliffs, and behind that, a great playground with a swing set that makes you feel like you’re swinging them out to sea!

If you like the look of Tibbs’ all weather play suit, it’s new, thanks to Kozi Kidz. It’s really mega. Very warm without being bulky, with great adjustable wrists and ankles for the more, ahem, stumpy of two year olds. It’s been an absolute essential these past two weeks. I think a good all in one is on my top five list of toddler must-haves, actually. We’re taking part in the Kozi Kidz #WinterWarrior campaign at the moment, which I’m really enjoying, because it’s all about comparing my childhood winter experiences with Tibby’s. Watch out for a post on that soon!

Another toddler must have is treats, and today we’re going on the hunt for ice cream! We’re heading to the new Ice Cream Parlour on Cheltenham Rd in Montpelier today with some friends. On Friday I’m really excited to be going to the Wardrobe Theatre to see The Star Seekers with Tibbs (it’s on all this week, and sounds really exciting). We also found a new playgroup close to our house, which I wasn’t expecting, on a Friday morning, which I hope will mean we get to make some local friends. On Saturday, we’re all going to Jump Around, the Family Shindig, which is going to be wicked (tickets are by return only I think, now).


At home, we have played many indoor games. This week, I’ve been a pet shop owner, mostly. However, outdoors I’ve also become the commander of a fleet of shetland ponies, who were about to sink in the flooded fields next to ours. They now pound their tiny hooves outside the kitchen, in comparative dryness.


And the week isn’t over yet!


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  1. Ugh the weather really is pants isn’t it. We braved a buggy fit class in the winds on Monday and I felt really guilty about taking baby, but I couldn’t face another day indoors cooped up! Gorgeous photos…love that you are making the most of the outdoors with the added bonus of an ice cream treat! x

  2. the weather here has been rubbish too. Feel like hibernating under my duvet for the next month or three… I’d be tempted out if I had ponies by my house though!

  3. The weather is really getting to me, I just struggle to be outdoors when it’s so grim, spring isn’t far away now though! Tibb’s looks awesome in that suit, so well prepared for the cold! x

  4. I need to take a leaf from your book! I shamefully hole up inside when the weather is crap and should really learn to grow some balls and put a warm coat on.

    Can’t get enough of those Shetland ponies. This might be a new #lifegoal

  5. I can’t believe you have ponies! My inner Blyton is whinnying.

    Say hi to my pals Let’s Make Art at Jump Around tomorrow!

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