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a bedroom makeover | and a lifetime first

You might remember that a while ago, I wrote how much I was looking forward to decorating Tibbs’ room. Well, we decided to do ours instead. Neither of us could remember the last time we truly loved the way our room looked, so we prioritised ourselves (I know, how dare we). I’m really pleased with the results so far, so I thought I’d share some bits and bobs.


Blessed as I am with a colour blind husband, often the colour choice falls to me. In a lifetime first, I selected some Farrow and Ball paint. It felt decadent, like buying your office lunch from Selfridges food hall for no reason. I went for Green Blue. I adore the stillness of it, to some, it might appear a cold colour, but I find it utterly relaxing.


We have a double aspect bedroom, which lets in some beautiful light. I created a Pinterest board for some inspiration (I know, Farrow and Ball, Pinterest, I’ll be collecting colourful mason jars next), as, actually, it’s quite difficult to style a double aspect bedroom, especially when there’s cupboards alongside one of the other four walls.

Our bedroom furniture is from Debenhams and we’ve had it since we moved to Bristol. I like the colonial style colours and the dark wood is really warm. Our Duck Egg Highland Check curtains are new, from the ever awesome Dunelm, which, if you’ve never considered, you should change your mind. It’s vastly underrated for curtains, blinds, and ceramics (if you like your Denby or Royal Doulton).


There’s a couple of things I love in here….the picture of my husband is pure joy – mackerel fishing in Shaldon, his favourite place. The oriental jewellery box, almost ten years old from Monsoon, and the sketch of the church we were married in.

The two things we’re going to wait to invest in (read, save up for) are sisal flooring, which costs an absolute bomb but will be so worth the wait, and a sink-in, squishy, sit in and read chair. I like a good sit down, so I’ve wangled one of these in every room we’ve done so far! Creating a place we can both relax in has paid dividends so far, we’ve been enjoying doing family story time each night in our bed.

This post is all about relaxation and is in collaboration with Ocean Loans.

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  1. It looks so lovely Eleanor! We need to do our room too. x

  2. It’s lovely Eleanor – so relaxing and such a grown-up space! We’re in the throes of decorating our bedroom and it’s proving to take FOREVER. In between young children, work deadlines and sticking to a budget I’m wondering if we’ll ever get it finished!

    • Thanks Molly! I think we won’t ‘finish’ ours for a year or so in terms of getting the flooring, but it will be so worth the wait. Good luck with yours.

  3. That wall colour is so divine with the dark furniture! Really peaceful. I’ve just discovered Dunelm for cushions (SUCH a huge selection and refreshing to be choosing something other than the Stockholm from IKEA 😉 so will certainly be back for curtains x

    • Yes, cushions too! And bed linen, of a certain type (plain or fancy florals). Such a good store.

  4. Ooh nice, that grey/mauve/parma violets colour is one of my faves. xx

  5. Purple and lavender are so romantic. I\d love a bedroom makeover like this!

  6. ooh I’m really liking the blog makeover! great bedroom colour scheme too! x

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