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January treats to be had this week

Happy New Year everybody! So it’s back to work for me today, and a new nursery for Tibbs, who was very brave and confident when I dropped her off this morning. I’m working a fair bit this week, but, for those of you that aren’t, here’s two cool things to do, and dodge the rain with.

Sea Hear Storytelling at the SS Great Britain

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.14.28

Did you know that our most beautiful ship does FREE pre-school storytelling on the first Tuesday of every month? So, that’s tomorrow – the 5th Jan. It’s at the Brunel Institute at 11am. No need to book, either. Check out more about See Hear, here!

Treat yourself to some vegan junk food at the newly opened VX on East Street

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.23.07

I’m no vegan, but I’m a keen nibbler and an advocate of sustainable and cruelty free eating (more on this another time perhaps). Anyway, vegans of Bristol, and other keen nibblers, you are going to LOVE Vx. It’s a vegan cafe, boutique and general awesome hangout. It’s baby and dog friendly (check out the dog gallery!). The food and the vibe looks incredible. If you want to talk to people about becoming vegan, trying vegan, trying to banish palm oil or other nasties from your diets, this is an excellent place to start and a hugely welcome addition to East Street. I can’t wait to go!

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