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holidays 2016 | saying what everyone’s thinking

Isn’t it funny? As soon as Christmas is over, holidays are what we start thinking about!

In my head, I have no limitations. I’m staring across a monochrome landscape in Iceland next month, enjoying an expresso in a chilly but sunny piazza in Venice in February, and catching the falling cherry blossom in Central Park in March.

I lived in Manhattan in 2005. Spring was my favourite season. I'd love it to be on my list of holidays 2016
I lived in Manhattan in 2005. Spring was my favourite season

I’m looking across a misty wildflower field at first light from the flaps of my safari tent in June, I’m catching crabs in Salcombe in July (not in that way, you filthy minx!) and drinking cold Sagres whilst Tibbs runs along the shoreline on the Algarve in September.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 07.48.22
From a trip to Venice, taken at about midnight, December 2009

In my head though. My diary is empty of such events. Boo.

However, we have never, as a couple or a family, been those people who book holidays nine months in advance.

And actually, I’m not sure I’d like to know where I’m going in August just yet. Or March. We’ll think about booking things once we’ve got a handle on how much we’d like to spend. My only holiday rule is simple: I don’t want to stay anywhere that’s not nicer, in some way, than my house. We actually left a place in the Quantocks a few days early once because we couldn’t fall for it, it was just a bit rubbish.

So, I’m going to be saving up, here and there, for that magical evening when the cider and the laptop and the excitement and the ‘shall we do it?’ align over our kitchen table, and one of us presses ‘pay now’.

Clickstay have made the below to show you how much you could be saving if you cut out some of your daily vices/essentials/etc. I can’t pretend I’ll manage that, but, any inspiration is good, right?

Dream Holiday Infographic Square

Where are you going for holidays 2016?

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