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Carrying my toddler | re-discovering the sling

A couple of weeks ago, after a spectacular logistical mess up at nursery pick-up time, a friend suggested I borrow her sling to get Tibbs back from nursery. I was a bit nervous because I haven’t used one since she grew out of her Baby Bjorn. Once I’d had a quick ‘fitting’ and felt comfortable, the immediate thing I felt was total joy! I set off up the hill with my girl on my back, and she was absolutely loving it, too. It was like a big adventure!

I’m now on the hunt for a second-hand carrier so that we can do it whenever we like. It’ll be so cool for winter dog walking, Christmas shopping, and running errands where the pushchair is a faff.

I genuinely have no clue why I didn’t try a sling again sooner. I actually feel stupid for wasting a year or two with a pushchair trundling around Bristol.

However, there’s other logistics to be solved before I can become a fully fledged sling queen. I am ‘blessed’ with being one of life’s hot people. No, not hot like that. Hot like getting hot all the blinking time. So, to minimise this I’m going to need a new coat. Something that can go underneath the sling, be snug but not skin tight, and not have me roasting like a turkey!

M and M Direct got in touch this week to tell me about their waterproof jackets, which was pretty good timing. There’s some Helly Hansen stuff on there for 50% off which looks like a good deal, especially the long line Belfast range (I’ve just been to Belfast, it’s fricking cold there, you need ass coverage that’s for sure).

Do you use a sling for your toddler? How do you keep warm underneath it?

This is a collaborative post, but the words are all my own.
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  1. So cute! I wish I was one of life’s hot people – I’m always cold! Have a great day.

  2. Louise Louise

    Yes, I get this. I boil alive in winter coats, even without a baby carrier! I carry one of my twins who is nearly 3, as I got fed up lugging a double buggy everywhere.I find a light water resistant fleece coat is good but often wear a waterproof (thanks to our wet west country weather)and it has no padding or inner fleece and has zips under arms for extra ventilation! ! You can always layer with a zip up jacket, light jumper etc. ..on really cold days and/or use arm warmers so your arms stay warm but your upper body doesn’t get too hot .

    • Wow, you’re an afficianado! I was thinking maybe a body warmer would be the way to go…I hadn’t even considered reversing that and going for the arm warmer approach!

  3. I used to use the sling all the time but recently bubs has tried to struggle out of it every time she goes in it! We’ve also had to ditch the buggy in favour of (achingly slow) walking everywhere!

    • You see, mine isn’t that keen on walking long distances, so it’s ideal for me!

  4. We have an Ergo which was great, and I actually can’t remember when I stopped using it – but you’ve inspired me to get it out again and try a back carry. Love having them snuggled so close to you x

  5. We used to have a back pack thing that we used for all three in turn. Great for holidays or weekend walks off-road in the countryside. xx

  6. Totally loving all the cuteness of this! And tibbs is so sweet, do you find though that it’s has implications on the pelvic floor carrying that weight? I would have loved to but think i was too scared to give it a go x

  7. oh she is so sweet! So sweet that wilf saw this pic and exclaimed ‘awwww!!’. I loved using a sling with Wilf, we had an Ergo and used it until he was about 18m but he was such a big baby that he got too heavy for my front around that time and I never really worked out how to do a back carry by myself! x

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