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baby won’t take a bottle | what help is really out there?

Before I write the rest of this, please can I make it clear that this is not, absolutely not, an invitation for a debate on the best way to feed your baby. For the record, I breastfed my daughter for seven months, topping up with a bottle of expressed milk from the start, moving through acid reflux for 14 weeks using Dr Browns bottles and mixed feeding. She gave up breastfeeding of her own accord, which brought all sorts of emotions out for me.

This post is intended to help people who are looking for help with how to introduce bottle feeding, regardless of what’s inside it, for parents who really want to, or need to.

If you’ve been there, you’ll know that when your baby won’t take a bottle is one of the most upsetting and frustrating developments there is. Because if you’re trying it, you need it to happen for one or more of a few reasons. Maybe you are poorly, maybe the baby is. Maybe you are going back to work, maybe you’re going under and need help from somebody else.

Anyway, I’ve given, and heard, a lot of anecdotal and ‘what worked for us was’ advice in the past two and a half years. But, what I want to know is this – in the same way as midwives and counsellors were on hand to SHOW me how to breastfeed and observe my daughter trying, is there any practical help out there for women with bottle feeding?

Is there anyone you can call, or meet with, or Skype with, or anything, who can give you on hand advice with this? Have you seen any YouTube help videos that worked, or been to any groups where you’ve been given practical tips?

I’ll relent a bit and say, please leave a comment and tell us what worked for you. Was it a special type of bottle? A different way to hold the baby? Anything?



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