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Playing with ponies

I’ve loved horses and ponies ever since I first set eyes on them. I was the kid who, from about nine years old, hung out at our local riding stables all day, leading other kids around the paddock in their lessons, just to get the last lesson of the day for free. I was lucky enough to have my own pony, after a while. I would love to have one again someday.

Tibbs, possibly because I take her to meet them at every opportunity, also loves ponies. So, when House of Fraser offered us the chance to choose something from its soft toy range, I searched straight for the ponies!

They have rarely been out of her hands since they arrived. The two My Little Pony toys, Dash and Sparkle, are eminently squeezable and have this amazing sprout of rainbow mane and tail, which she loves brushing. They get put to bed a lot, and have their nappies changed (imaginary nappies) – role play bedtime is a big feature of Tibbs’ play at the moment. I love them. They make the toy box look like a colourful paradise of pony. I think I might play with them when she’s at nursery tomorrow!


Star of the show is Animagic Tessie the pony though. Tessie has a simple, purple coloured lead and a plug in her shoulders. If you depress the button, she shuffles along, clip clopping and neighing at you. Tibbs thinks this is hysterical. Obviously, like most toddlers, she hasn’t the patience to let Tessie actually walk. She just gets dragged along, her furry legs windmilling in the air. The dog thinks she’s an invader and studies her closely. I fear, left alone, with him, Tessie might not make it. So she lives in a wooden cot in Tibbs’ room, hooves in the air, ready for the next mauling round the landing before breakfast.

Hours of fun, and shrill neighing. Which, hopefully, is how Tibbs’ time in later life will be spent, once I get the real pony!


*Obviously, this is a collaborative post with House of Fraser, thanks for the toys! However, I chose freely and all words are my own

*PS – instructions on Animagic Tessie’s box say she’s for 3-5yr olds, but honestly, a 5 year old would be pretty peeved with her I think, in terms of playability. Best for the younger equine enthusiast!


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