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How can Bristol help refugees right now?

I’m not going to waste time telling you why our family has been moved to help, other than to say that today we’re hearing down to a drop off point to donate a suitcase of men’s coats and jumpers, some cooking pots, and our six-man tent. I love that tent, it’s got some very happy memories. But I love human beings more.

If you want to help by giving your own things, this is the Facebook page you need to go to – Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol. It also has details of how you can give money and other support.

There are various solidarity events planned, petitions to sign, and of course, writing to your MP to express your concern is always a good idea.

If you have ever, ever considered leaving your tent at a festival, or are having a baby this year and don’t think you’ll need your tent for a while, or could live without it, give it. There are people who cannot live without shelter.

Here’s a list of what is needed:


Here’s a map of where you can drop things off in Bristol, if you want to.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 07.27.02


Edited: I am also working with a group of mums and dads to raise awareness under the #SaveSyriasChildren hashtag. You can do the same. Please don’t turn a blind eye.  ‪#‎SaveSyriasChildren‬ To donate £5 please text SYRIA to 70008 which goes to Save The Children. That link has many details of precisely how your money will help directly.

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  1. Jess dicken Jess dicken

    And does anyone know of places collecting for families needing things either when they first arrive here or for those families in UN camps surrounding Syria/Eritrea etc?

    • Locally: Try Refugee Support Project, Bristol Refugee rights. British Red Cross work tirelessly in the UK and abroad.

  2. Is there anyone here, who could help with online translation from English to Arabic, Urdu, Pastu, Farsi, etc? The Hungarian Migration Aid badly needs online translators! Here is an application form, please share if you know anyone who could possibly help:…/1QQnYPOjj-wbe15N1UiUzv2…/viewform…
    2000 new refugees have crossed the Hungarian border, and 5000 is on their way towards Hungary from Macedonia. There will be a total chaos soon.

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