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Free children’s cinema with Encounters film festival

If you’re a fan of the big screen, you probably already know about the International Encounters short film and animation festival, which is now in its 21st year. But, did you know that this Saturday (19th), there’s an entire day of kids showings which you can go to for free?

Put that in your rainy day entertainment pipe and smoke it!

The Petite Perpetual cinema will run from 10-5pm and features films chosen by the children of Bristol, for the children of Bristol, with plenty of age appropriate flicks for all.

All this takes place at The Watershed Cinema.

I haven’t taken Tibbs to The Watershed since we were regulars at their Cinebabies, which I highly recommend if you like sitting in the dark, eating sweets, feeding your baby and watching off-beat films.

The grown-up programme for the festival looks amazing.

The last trip me and mu husband had to the Watershed was to see The Wolfpack, which is one of my ‘you must see this’ picks of 2015. Here’s the trailer. Watch it, honestly, it’s astounding.


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