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Bioskin from Salcura – lovely stuff for soothing dry skin

The nice folks from Salcura, one of my favourite skincare brands, sent me some products to try out recently.

Rather than just review them straight away, I’ve been using them for about five weeks now. The weather’s changing, and as anyone with eczema or dry skin knows, this can cause havoc for your itchy bits, so I thought I’d do a longer test.

I have discoid eczema on one of my feet. It’s utterly horrible, unsightly, especially in summer, and the blistering and itching really get me down sometimes. I have to mind what kind of shoes and socks I wear and running makes it worse,  so I’m always looking for a good way to keep it on the d-low.

Salcura sent me three Bioskin products. What I love about them is that they genuinely are natural, with no added nasties like steroids, lanolin or parabens. They are very specific in their instructions, usage guides and, importantly for skin, age guides (clearly labelled with a 12+ years, for example).

My favourite is the Zeoderm. It’s a curious colour, almost green-grey, and it has that lush ‘medicinal natural smell to it’. I’ve been slathering it on a couple of times a week, after the bath, and you can feel it sinking in. Your dry patches tingle a bit and feel quenched.

The Face Cleanser was also a revelation. My face isn’t dry at all, but red sometimes, and I found the Sea Buckthorn in the cleanser really started to make a difference after a couple of weeks of daily use. I love the bottle. Being half-blind without my specs, I need something easy in the shower and you never squish too much out of the bottle top. The preparation is a pleasing yellow colour, and makes a slight foam.

The DermaSpray was fabulous for my discoid eczema patches and the dry skin around it. Milky and cold-feeling, it just absorbed in nicely. I wasn’t a fan of the pump spray bottle, it made it hard to be accurate on your limbs, and I felt like I was wasting a little each time. It smelt lovely again, you can really get the sense of the natural ingredients.

I still also have a big bottle of Bioskin Junior which we’ve been using on Tibbs for a few months now. She gets really bad heat rash, especially at nursery, and we love giving her a soothing massage with it after her bath.

I’m a big fan of this range, it’s totally brought me away from the prescription Oilatum I’ve been using before. If you’ve got eczema or dry skin, give it a try. I’ve got my beady eye on the sun/sun allergy range for the summer! Salcura are utterly lovely and you can catch them on Twitter @Salcura

This is, obviously, a product review, where Salcura sent me products to try out, so that I could write about them. 


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