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Beautiful you

I could watch you all day. Just being beautiful you.

I prefer watching you when you don’t know I’m there. Especially when I come to get you from nursery, or when we are at choir and you’re trying to join in with your friends as they play.

We’ve been doing cool stuff together recently. You tried to arrange your first flowers. I loved your commentary on the colours and textures of each one you touched. I love the fact you know purple, but everything else, regardless of hue, is pinkandwhiteandblue.


I could watch you and your Daddy forever. If I could only hear one sound for the rest of my days it would be the sound of him reading to you at bedtime and the tiny giggles I hear from you both.


I can’t wait for Autumn with you now that you are interested in leaves, flowers, colours and adventures. You lit up my afternoon last week when, whilst I carried you through the rain, you lifted your face and opened your mouth to catch the drops on your tongue. Be forever this way. I love you.




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  1. Anna Anna

    That’s really lovely, your daughter is a lucky little girl to have a mum like you.

    • Thank you Anna that’s the biggest compliment a mum can get, I’m very touched.

      • anna anna

        This was the sweetest post ever. You take C to so many lovely places, she’s a lucky girl, and clearly a very happy little girl…x

  2. love love love these photos! SHe is gorgeous xx

  3. Chiara Chiara

    How sweet this post is! I am mum of a 2yo and I feel the same. Sometimes I just wish I could freeze this perfect time… but then I let it go and enjoy the present. “Be forever this this way” …

    • Thanks Chiara! Beautiful name, by the way, just lovely!

  4. Just precious. I have something in my eye x

  5. Rachel Rachel

    Loved watching her at choir today in her tutu!

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