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An Airbnb farmhouse stay in the Yorkshire Dales

We’ve been using Airbnb for a couple of years now and we love it. It’s so easy to find unusual, quality places to stay. I love the process of building your guest profile so that places you’ll be staying know what you’re like, and the fact that reviews work both ways – the guests get comments as well as the hosts.


Last weekend we stayed in a cottage in delicious Nidderdale, a rolling, green valley close to Harrogate in the North Yorkshire Dales. The cottage was part of a thoughtfully converted set of buildings, nestled in its own wide, simply arranged gardens. Check out the cottage listing on Airbnb here.

Peacocks, guinea fowl and chickens trundled slowly about, the latter providing fresh eggs for our stay. There’s something mesmerising about peacocks, isn’t there? I had morning coffee outside, in the pale Yorkshire sunshine each day, taking in the changing season, almost watching the leaves change. I went for a run, I almost felt propelled along by the sweetness of the air!



The cottage itself was perfect, especially for a family stay (we were parents, grandparents and toddler). The social lounge and dining area was ideal for lolling about on a multitude of comfortable furniture. The kitchen was unobtrusive and perfectly stocked. I loved the little touches – there were candles for dinner, an amazing selection of books to snatch up when you had a spare ten minutes, and, for an old building, it was impeccably warm and cosy. The wooden toy box and presence of both fast WiFi and CBeebies made things very easy too.




Upstairs, the beds were comfortable, the curtains were blackout, and the shower was powerful. All you need, really!

We visited Fountains Abbey and I was blown away by its size and general beauty, Betty’s of Harrogate where tea came in silver teapots and macarons became Tibbs’ best friend. We even found an excellent, clean, fun soft play called Butterfingers to take up some rainy day hours.


Yes, it’s a four-hour drive from Bristol and therefore worthy of a longer weekend. But the Dales are so different from our landscape in the South West, and there’s nothing more comforting than a big slice of Yorkshire warmth as the weather changes.


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  1. What an amazing looking air b n b! I’m particularly coveting those cushions at that wallpaper. I’ve been dying to ‘do’ Harrogate so this is definitely on my list x

    • Harrogate is very pretty indeed, and worth a visit.

  2. I love airbnb! it’s such a great concept and I love staying in peoples home and exploring like a loca;. This place looks great! Love the peacocks x

  3. I’m also a huge fan of AirBnb I love that you can get so many ideas for your own home from staying in someone else’s and as a family it’s just a lot more easier than a hotel room! I’ve never been to Harrogate but heard good things! x

  4. What a lovely find. I’m currently trying to get to grips with Air B&B as I start to plan our trip to France next summer. I had no idea about the whole profile thing, so this is very useful info! x

    • Yes, the profiling thing is ace. It really helped when we were planning our road trip in Europe!

  5. Honor Giles Honor Giles

    It was perfect for three generations, with downstairs loo and shallow stairs with a handrail which the lesser mobile of us could manage easily. Lovely river walks close by. A real treat!

  6. So glad you managed to find such a nice place for you all and had a good time in my neck of the woods (well done on the Bettys front too). Can’t believe you went to Butterfingers – that is literally five mins walk from our house and we regularly visit! xx

    • No way! I knew you were in the area, just not that close! You live in a lovely part of the world and I thought Butterfingers was smashing, really much the nicest of its kind I’ve been to.

  7. What a fantastic Air BnB property! I really want to explore more of what they have to offer. Yorkshire is such a lovely part of the country. We were up there for a wedding last month. I must admit that we found the journey really hard but that was because there were works on the way up and we didn’t do a long weekend, which, you’re right, it really calls for.

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