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Adventuring outside, the Bristol way

The past couple of weeks has been a mixed bag, weather wise, but we’ve had some amazing adventures by leaving the city and trying different things. Bristol never ceases to amaze me with its accessibility to some of the most beautiful parts of the South West.


On a rare child-free day, we relaxed, ate, drank and generally loved ValleyFest 2015 up in Chew Valley. You may have read my review on Bristol 24/7. Book for next year!


We went to one of the most glorious Somerset pubs I’ve ever been to – The George Inn, in Croscombe. It has everything you need in a pub. Perfect beer selection, tasty food, dogs welcome, skittles alley, darts board. Wish it was my local!


We travelled on the East Somerset Railway, ticking off my ambition to ride on a steam train. Everyone loved it. Perfect length ride for a toddler, and a wonderful slice of nostalgia in the beautiful Somerset countryside.


We were at Bristol Zoo too, with Tibbs’ buddy and her dad, who is the unwitting provider of today’s toppest tip ever. If you’re a Zoo member, and if you’re not, DO IT, always, always go after 3.30pm. It’s usually almost empty. You literally have the whole place to yourselves. The animals are being fed, everything is easy to see. In the jungle bird enclosure, we sat on the floor and the lovely, colourful birds came close by, eager to see who these silent visitors were. We watched the tiniest baby lemurs having their dinner.

Late summer has been a wonderful time to experience new things for us. What have you been up to?

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