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Win tickets to Grillstock Festival Sunday

Grillstock, the festival of meat, music and mayhem, returns to Bristol this year on July 11th and 12th. I have been twice before, including the very first year, and it’s so much fun. If you enjoy your barbecue in the sunshine, with cold beers and very eclectic music, it’s a Bristol must.

Two things have caught my eye – firstly that all under 12s go FREE, which means you can have a blast with the kids there as well, and secondly, BrewDog are involved, and we love BrewDog Punk IPA in our house, so that’s a result! We’re going on Saturday for the day with Tibbs then returning in the evening to hear De La Soul and DJ Yoda.

I have two tickets for Sunday’s sold out festival to giveaway. All you need to do is leave me a comment on this blog post telling me if you prefer your burgers with our without cheese, and I’ll pick a winner with a handy random widget I have. Competition closes on Thursday 9th July.

The tickets include a few free drinks for you and yours, and your names will be on the guest list, so all you’ll need to bring is your ID, and maybe a bib to protect your clothes from all the lush food and drink. Good luck!

Grillstock is sold out, however, there are some expected returns. If you’d like to get yourselves on the list, look hereΒ 

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  1. Emma Stevenson Emma Stevenson

    Burgers HAVE to have cheese! It’s a must.

  2. zoe zoe

    With cheese and a lot of ketchup! Amazing live music helps as well πŸ™‚

  3. kate kate

    with cheese πŸ™‚

  4. R R

    Ooh sounds tasty πŸ˜‰

  5. Sharon Friend Sharon Friend

    Mmm cheese please! πŸ™‚

  6. Saira stringer Saira stringer

    Most definitely with cheese!! And bacon..

  7. Beth Beth

    With cheese. Everything with cheese.

  8. hannah hannah

    With cheese! Please

  9. Dominique Dominique

    It’s all about the cheese…and bacon ;o)

  10. Aleksandra Aleksandra

    Me please. I’m up for Sunday Grillstock!

  11. Natalia Natalia

    always cheese! and maybe some bacon. or pulled pork…
    mmmmmmmm πŸ™‚

  12. Aleksandra Aleksandra

    Sorry, I forgot to cheese, obviously)

  13. Emily Emily

    Yes please!

  14. Miranda Miranda

    Cheese purlease!

  15. Jo Jo

    always cheese!

  16. Samantha Iles Samantha Iles

    Would love tickets to this!

  17. Victoria Victoria

    Me please that would be fab

  18. Cass Cass

    Yes to cheese
    Even better, a blue cheese. Funky cheese for flavour πŸ™‚

  19. Sianaye Sianaye

    Meat, meat and more meat? What more could we ask for ina Sunday afternoon?

    • Sianaye Sianaye

      Minus the cheese though, milk intolerant boob baby. Boo!

  20. Deb Deb

    with cheese and salad – yum yum!!

  21. kirsty healey kirsty healey

    With cheese!!! Grillstock is smooth yummy

  22. Nadine Nadine

    just thinking about it is making me hungry

  23. Lizz Lizz

    No cheese, it’s all about the burger and onions for me!

  24. Louise Louise

    with Cheese please says Louise : )

  25. gemma Perkins gemma Perkins

    Feed me meat!

  26. Jenna Jenna

    Depends on the cheese. No plastic cheese and my one time dairy free experiment with cheesly and sheese alternatives did not end well! But melty blue…yum!

    • This is really bad….but I’m ALL about the plastic cheese…

  27. Kate Andrews Kate Andrews

    Cheese please!!! Extra cheese!! And bacon, gherkin, onions….mmmmmm

  28. Camille Camille

    Burger with cheese!!!!!

  29. Olya Olya

    Cheese and some more cheese, please! πŸ™‚

  30. Sabrina moncrieff Sabrina moncrieff

    Defo with cheese

  31. Laura C Laura C

    Definitely with cheese!!

  32. Helen Helen

    Mmmmm, cheese. Cheese with everything :o)

  33. jo sutor jo sutor

    Definitely with cheese. A monteray jack is yummy!

  34. Jess Jess

    Always with cheese! Love a good burger x

  35. Josh Josh

    Yes please!

  36. Emma S Emma S

    With cheese….no question!

  37. Angie Angie

    With cheese! It’s all about the cheese! CHEEEESE!!!!!

  38. fiona fiona

    Mmmmmmmm cheese bacon and more cheese xx

  39. Jackie Jackie

    I’d love the tickets please so I can take the kids and hubby. Without cheese!

    • You’re the randomly selected winner, Jackie! Congratulations!

  40. Louise Louise

    With cheese (and bacon) please xx

  41. Becky B Becky B

    Burgers should be with cheese!!

    I would love to surprise my husband with tickets to this. He has become a bit of a bbq nut since transforming the gas bbq in to a coal one (as it should be).x

  42. Gemma Clay Gemma Clay

    Definitely with cheese. And with serous meat cravings at 31 weeks pregnant these would be amazing!!

  43. Sara Dean Sara Dean

    With a ripe stilton cheese

  44. gerry gerry

    With cheese of course; I am French ;))

  45. Rebecca Reid Rebecca Reid

    Cheese, cheese with extra cheese please!!

  46. samantha bolter samantha bolter

    Always with Cheese (& Bacon!) πŸ™‚

  47. Anita Anita

    With cheese for me but not for Hubbie!!

  48. Carli Carli

    Without cheese πŸ™‚

  49. Liz Murray Liz Murray

    With cheese! I’m from the West Country and there are so many amazing local cheeses on offer that it would be rude not to πŸ˜‰

  50. Heather Heather

    With cheeeesseee

  51. Emma Emma

    With cheese please πŸ™‚

  52. melisa melisa

    definitely with cheese

  53. Hannah Hannah

    cheese please for Hannah Louise! Something my dad always said πŸ˜‰

  54. Tanya Tanya

    Depends what kind of cheese!

  55. Clare Clare

    Always with cheese………..yum πŸ™‚

    “Sweet dreams are made of cheese”

  56. Nadia Thornhill Nadia Thornhill

    Definitely with cheese! Has to be the goey variety πŸ™‚ oh and a nice wedge of gherkin too!

  57. Rowena Rowena

    With cheese, fo’ sure!

  58. Heather Heather


  59. Holly Greenland Holly Greenland

    With cheese a nice bit of hallomi add a little saltiness lush

  60. Laura Cole Laura Cole

    I would love to go Grillstock Festival, it’s 5 days before our wedding and would be a great way to de-stress! Xx

  61. Becky Becky

    Mmmm definitely with cheese preferably some nice blue Stilton.

  62. alison alison

    Lots of gooey cheddar cheese!!

  63. Kelly Kelly

    Cheese alllllll the way!!!!

  64. Victoria Victoria

    i love my burgers with cheese

  65. Tia Corkish Tia Corkish

    Definitely with cheese!!

  66. Rebecca Rebecca

    Cheese please, but it has to be a veggie burger!

  67. Adele bishop Adele bishop

    Without cheese

  68. Laura Laura

    Full of cheese!! The only way to eat a burger!!

  69. Emma Henry Emma Henry

    With cheese all the time!!

  70. Kelly Brookbank Kelly Brookbank

    Delicious gooey cheese, melted lovingly over a juicy spiced burger… Sluuuurp!

  71. Becky Becky

    Definitely with cheese, but not so much that the burger starts sliding all over the place! Plastic cheese is a good burger glue but you can’t really beat a slice of classic mature cheddar.

  72. Simon Simon

    Oh yeah definitely with fake cheese!

  73. Pye Dubois Pye Dubois

    Cheese, providing it’s a strong Cheddar!

  74. Reb Reb

    Oh, go on then, WITH cheese (please)!

  75. Amanda Amanda

    Without cheese but loads of sauce yummm

  76. Mel kerr Mel kerr

    With cheese, are you mad?!

  77. Rachel Cracknell Rachel Cracknell

    Definitely with cheese, the more the better!

  78. Sue Sue

    Say Cheese Please

  79. Julie Page Julie Page

    Definitely with cheese!

  80. Kimberley searle Kimberley searle

    With cheese for sure!!! Preferably applewood smoked cheese please!!

  81. emma emma

    I’d say without, but hubby will put extra on his and bake them!

  82. Nell James Nell James

    100% with cheese. camembert…

  83. liz ferguson liz ferguson

    With lots of cheese!

  84. Nikki Hayes Nikki Hayes

    I prefer my burgers with lots of cheese :o)

  85. ruth robinson ruth robinson


  86. ashleigh brookes ashleigh brookes

    definitely with cheese!

  87. Harriet Gregan Harriet Gregan

    with cheese!

  88. Katarzyna Wrzyszcz Katarzyna Wrzyszcz

    A lot of cheese, please!:)

  89. Melanie Melanie

    Defo with cheese! Yummy!

  90. Davina roberts Davina roberts

    With cheese! Lots of lovely cheese. – yum! Spare a thought for a pregnant lady with a bug, the amazing husband has taken over – including toddler care while I languish. These would be an excellent thank you to him! Xxx

  91. Strong Strong

    With cheese

  92. rachael rachael

    with wine and cheese

  93. Mandy S Mandy S

    Cheese please Grommit!

  94. ann west ann west

    With spicy cheese please!

  95. Stephanie Stephanie

    With Emmenthal

  96. Heather Tinkler Heather Tinkler

    With cheese, always with cheese, with extra cheese if I can

  97. debbie patching debbie patching


  98. Eleanor Powell Eleanor Powell

    with cheese – lots and lots of cheese!

  99. wendy reynolds wendy reynolds

    I know I shouldn’t but cheese all the way!

  100. Madeleine Madeleine

    With cheese.
    Dirty Kraft slices if necessary.

  101. oscar oscar

    With cheese

  102. Steve Steve

    Cheese me up me babber

  103. Garry Ramsden Garry Ramsden

    With Cheese!

  104. Chris Fletcher Chris Fletcher

    Got to be with Cheese!!!

  105. Sharon Weaden Sharon Weaden

    yum with cheese x

  106. Natalie Natalie

    Without cheese xD

  107. Natalie Gillham Natalie Gillham

    with cheese πŸ™‚

  108. samantha bolter samantha bolter

    with cheese x

  109. sarah sarah

    with cheese

  110. Joanne Jackson Joanne Jackson

    Without cheese

  111. Catriona natriona Catriona natriona

    With cheese

  112. Sally Turner Sally Turner

    mmmm.. with monterey jack cheese

  113. Erika Erika


  114. Stephanie Stephanie

    Definitely with cheese!How can you not have cheese???

  115. emma louise hogan emma louise hogan

    I love cheese!!!!

  116. Gareth Oakes Gareth Oakes

    Everything EXCEPT Cheese!

  117. Siobhan Lucy Siobhan Lucy

    With cheese πŸ™‚

  118. Jeremy Andrews Jeremy Andrews

    With Cheese,cheese and more cheese πŸ™‚

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