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Things you will see in Bristol on a hot day like today

1. Someone drinking a can of Thatchers on your way to work. You’ll briefly consider how nice and cold it might be.

2. Someone drinking a can of Thatchers on the bus home after work. You’ll briefly consider stealing it from them.

3. Someone sunbathing in a very small bikini, or topless, in Queen’s Square

4. Some people fighting over the last paddling pool in Asda or The Range

5. Some people using a stolen shopping trolley to carry home emergency barbecue seating and a table

6. 8,162 mums chasing children round a playground trying to get a hat on them

7. Half of those mums will have vest top sunburn like raw bacon

8. For every maxi dress you see being worn, half of them will be being hitched up every ten minutes, or knickers being picked out of the bum as they walk

9. Somebody twirling poi at sundown in the park

10. Somebody twirling poi at sunrise in the park

11. Some gimp jumping in the Harbourside

12. Some lucky b*stards sunbathing on their boats in the Harbourside

13. A full on row over a parking space between two overheated people in Southville, Clifton or Bishopston

14. A couple, almost certainly ‘doing it’, in the long grass at Ashton Court

15. Two girls sharing a bottle of wine with their legs over the edge of Harbourside, sunglasses on, loving life

16. Someone walking barefoot down the street

17. Too many teenage butt cheeks in high waisted daisy dukes

18. A hipster instagramming colourful doors in the sun

19. An office worker asleep under a tree in Brandon Hill Park

20. Couples on picnic blankets, sharing a disposable barbecue and a few kisses

21. Huge circles of folk in St Andrews Park, with a sound system, some weed and some good vibes

22. New mums meeting dads after work for a pint in the beer garden, with a baby in a cute hat

23. Someone practicing trapeze/line walking between two trees in a park


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  1. hehe… sounds like here on a hot day! Do love Bristol though 🙂

  2. Love this and even though I don’t live in Bristol I can see a lot of similarities, well apart from the poi twirling and tightrope walking – we’re not nearly hip enough for that sort of thing in Harrogate! 🙂

  3. This post really made me smile – lots of Thatchers drinking going on and fighting over paddling pools…aaahhh summer you have arrived

    Laura x

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