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Starting to get fit again when you are a bit fat

Lately I’ve decided I’ve had enough of being a bit fat. I’ve always been above average, but before Tibbs came along I was nailing it. Gym most days, or running with my old dog which I absolutely loved. It’s time to get back in the game. I’m 40 this year. I’d rather not look like this when I’m 41.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 15.27.33

I was so into running that I didn’t even notice I was wearing odd trainers, once. And no, that’s not my snapped walking stick lying on the floor. I was like a gazelle, I had the moves!

So I’m on it again. Here’s what’s happened so far:

  • I went insane in Argos and am now an actual slave to Davina McCall. I am single handedly funding her six pack. I have her mat, her ball, her kettle bells and her 2kg weights. They are all pretty good value to be honest
  • Because toddlers don’t give a crap that you have a playroom and prefer to play in rooms such as the hall, the bin cupboard and the toilet, I have reclaimed the playroom. It’s now my own private house of Davina pain
  • I’ve downloaded two sets of videos from iTunes. Davina’s 15 minute fit and another one, which is balance ball workouts by a cheery lass from America. The former is hard work but fun. If you listen to your own music and turn Davina off it’s awesome. The latter is perfect for getting back into fitness and I’m enjoying doing both
  • I’ve started re-furnishing my sportswear wardrobe. House of Fraser Bras sent me an amazing ShockAbsorber running bra (thank you!) which really is pretty kick-ass. It’s got two back clasps though (shoulder blades and back) which is insanely fiddly if you’ve got short arms! Next is some new running tights, because…
  • I’m doing it. I’m starting running again. I used to bloody love it, I loved the music, the sweat, the showers after, the scenery. It’s happening and I don’t care anymore what people might think if they see me.
  • I’m calendaring my day in sections. Everything has become a task I can tick off. I’ve even got yet another blackboard chalk vinyl for the kitchen wall. I’ve been doing my workouts as soon as Tibbs goes to bed. I’m going to run at lunchtimes though, with or without our current dog, who is a bit young for road/park runs yet. If I put my day in sections, I can do this. It all just takes organisation.


It goes without saying that I’m eating better too. I was already a Nutribullet monkey. Now I’m a salad chimp at lunch. I even threw cake away yesterday. I’m on it.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in running; I think I’d like it but I just can’t get beyond stitch 🙁

    I love Davina. She has a body of a crossfitting 18 year old. However I do agree with listening to your own music… x

  2. Well done, Eleanor! You’re doing so well. I am failing. I have signed up to a half marathon in Oct as thought it would be great motivation but I am bricking it! I’ve never been naturally slim but pre kids loved popping to the gym and the pool etc. Now, I know it’s no excuse but it really is so hard to find the time. I know I have to change things right away as whenever I’m invited to something nice instead of feeling happy, I feel the dread of having everyone looking at me when I look like this. I need to be fit for the kids. I look forward to seeing how you get on for motivation x

  3. GO GO GO! I love running. It’s only recently I’ve enjoyed it though – before that I hated it with a vengeance. I’ve been off my game of late due to a horrid virus and then spending every spare second without a baby attached to me nailing work deadlines before holidays, but I’m taking my trainers away with me and planning to run while we’re away. I love the head space that it brings and the way I feel afterwards.

    • Exactly, it may not feel good sometimes when you’re doing it, but afterwards you feel ace!

  4. Is there a Parkrun near you? Alex does the Bromley one on Saturdays and really enjoys it, plus it’s free (and there’s usually cake at the end although that’s not really a good thing if you’re trying to get fit!) I need to do some exercise, I think it would be good for my tired soul. Go you, you’re already brilliant anyway x

  5. I really like Davina McCalls dvd, I did it for a while but there wasn’t enough space in my living room with both the kids joining in so I joined the gym. Which I actually love, I used to hate it before having kids but now it’s the only time I get out alone! x

  6. Wow you sound super organised and motivated which is main thing for success – loving all the Davina love at the moment – let me know if it helps as I want to get in better shape (just lacking the motivation). Looking forward to hearing about your progress

    Laura x

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