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North Street Standard review

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves driving down North Street, hungry, after a Leigh Woods walk. We had the dog with us, so our brunch options were a little limited, until we reached the brand new, open fronted doors of the North Street Standard. We practically leapt out of the car windows Dukes of Hazard style to bag an outdoor table. Here’s a quick North Street Standard review.

We had breakfast. It was MEGA. I had a veggie fry up with a side order of bacon for the hell of it. My flat white was creamy and smooth. Husband’s sausage sandwich was more of a sausage tower.

I’d been really looking forward to the Standard opening on North Street. For starters, it’s location is pretty momentous, another business bringing the good food and good vibes down that end of the street was an astute move, i think. Secondly, we’d enjoyed an excellent night out in the Standard on Gloucester Rd a few months back. It was proper bar-like, people packed in, elbows on the bar, ordering food and drinks, lovely low lighting and great food. We sat with friends, ate sticky, cheesy burgers and played Cards Against Humanity all night. Loved it. so I was excited to see the North Street Standard.

It’s totally different in size, much bigger, with a lot of standing and drinking space, a good number of larger tables for groups, and a long bar. It’s got the same industrial metal, concrete and wood interior, and dreamy lighting (I’m a huge fan of lower lit places). I absolutely love the Bristol mural they have, too. There are large benches outside where you can eat, take in your choice of fumes, and sit with your four legged buddies.

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The North Street Standard was full of families and groups having brunch. There were lots of kids, and the friendly bar staff assured me that in the daytime, they are most welcome, and in fact their daytime custom has been lots of mums in the opening weeks. The selection of cakes on the bar was immense. There is a lot of immense cake available at this end of North Street, so the competition is ON!

Highly recommend this place – will look forward to going back there for a cold cider soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this has made me so hungry. Looks delicious! x

  2. after seeing that food (even the what i’m assuming is black pudding, which i hate!) i have to admit i found it hard to read ahead! mm, mmm.

  3. Is it wrong that I’ve just eaten a massive dinner but still want that breakfast? Is that halloumi? x

  4. ooh can’t wait to try this one! love hearing about new bristol cafes and just as soon as my eating stops being so weird I’m totally going for a veggie breakfast! x

  5. Ooh this is on my list of places to try! I can’t wait to go down and test it out, you;ve made me hungry. x

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