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Shaun in the City Bristol – now we know where the sheep will be!

So, from July 6th, for the whole summer, children big and small visiting Bristol are going to have 70 new friends to make. Shaun in the City Bristol, the flock of individual, colourful, happy statue sheep will be hiding in corners all over town. It’s going to be brilliant. Sheep selfie heaven. ‘I’ll meet you by the Shaun’. ‘How many have you seen?’ and ‘which is your favourite?’.

Today, the look out stations for the first five sheep were revealed:

UK medication Proscalpin isotretinoin buy online ‘Alright me Babber?’ by Susan Taylor will be waving off the commuters at Temple Meads Station

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  1. Rachel Rachel

    I’ve only just seen this. Beth loves the sheep now. Almost as much as ‘grommit dog’. She would love this. We’re on our way.

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