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Seven places to picnic in Bristol with kids

Following on from my post on places to feed your baby in Bristol, here’s some ideas for places to picnic in Bristol with kids.

Dame Emily Park, Dean Lane, Bedminster/Southville

It’s a small park with a big heart. It has a fab children’s playground which is enclosed, and has a good line of shady trees to picnic under. It also includes a big skate park with ever changing artwork, which is perfect for your kids if they want to try something a bit more adventurous with their scooters and boards. Or just to watch and learn.

Queens Square, city centre

If you’re visiting harbourside but are a bit worried about picnicking by the water with little kids, step back a block and you’re in a perfect Georgian oasis. Can be almost deserted on an early Sunday morning, too.

Northern Slopes, Bedminster/Knowle

The huge bit of green you can see if you’re looking back on South Bristol, this wild space is hilly and green and has perfect views. Worth seeking out if you haven’t been before.

St Andrews Park, St Andrews

Well enclosed, shaded areas, great playground and cafe, well used by all, you can’t not like St Andrews Park. My favourite bits are the wildflower areas in summer, and the pond where everyone can try their little hand at nature spotting.

Horfield Common

North Bristol’s gem (I think). So beautiful and worth a trip if you’ve not been before.

Publow Church

Less than five miles outside Bristol and you’re in stunning countryside. Publow Church is a real beauty spot, with shallow riverside picnic opportunities and then the option to walk across open fields

Claverton Weir

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Not for those who aren’t comfortable with water, of course, but a fantastic summer’s day escape if you’ve got older, adventurous kids, or just want a paddle. Between Bristol and Bath


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  1. Wow! Claverton Weir looks awesome. This is such a great list and makes me want to visit Bristol with the family on a lovely summer day.

  2. wow I’ve never been to horfield common or the bedminster one! need to rectify that! x

  3. Bristol looks so lovely and scenic! And you snuck in some graffiti walls, of course. Love picnic season x

  4. Gorgeous! I must make it to Bristol soon! X

    • Oh do come (especially if you haven’t before!)

  5. I love a Queen Square picnic! Gotta add that Blaise and Canford Park are good too. I’ve never been to St Andrews Park!

    • Agree with you about Blaise, I could write a whole post about that place it’s so ace. You should give St Andrews a go, I think you’d like the cute coffee stand and T would LOVE the playground!

  6. Ah I had some great days at Claverton Weir in my pre-children days! They usually involved lots of alcohol drinking in the sun! Some great places that I will be adding to my list to check out too! x

    • I love stories like that, thanks gives me hope that one day I’ll be able to do that again, guilt free!

  7. Bristol looks like such a beautiful city…I really hope to visit someday xx

  8. Aww we had a picnic in Queens Sqaure last weekend, it felt very french to eat baugettes on teh bench there šŸ™‚ Also definitely going to check out Calverton Weir it looks so much fun! x

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