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The one hundred pound question

This week TSB Bank asked me to write about what I would do with a spare £100.00, because a particular account from them could earn up to that in interest in one year (bear with me, don’t stop reading!). It’s not the sort of thing I’d usually write about, being as I like to stick to things about Bristol and or parenting, and also, not many of us have a spare £100.00 to fantasise about. However, this one’s a little bit different.

With two days to go to the general election, like a lot of people I’ve been thinking deeply about who to vote for. I’ve previously been quite certain, but several things have made me do more research into party policy. What’s changed for me is that I’m starting to think not just about how the party in charge would affect my nearest and dearest, but society too. Weird. That feels weird. I used to be quite a selfish person so it also feels good!

A hundred quid. Around this time last year we had our daughter Christened and to show our commitment to our Church and the community it serves we donated to its food bank. Shamefully, we haven’t done it since. This is part of the change I want to make.

Here’s some facts about food banks from the Trussell Trust.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 06.15.59

Here is a list from Google of Bristol food banks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 06.17.56

All around us, there are families RELYING on food banks for daily meals, sanitary and baby products, and staying nourished. I have never used a food bank. I don’t know if I ever will have to. But I do know that I want to change their reason for being and I hope that by donating, I can help the people who need to use them.

TSB has kindly offered me a voucher which can be spent on food and baby products in return for this post, which I will be doing and donating to the food bank at our church, along with some contribution of my own. The below infographic is from TSB. I love the inclusion of trees, and books, so true! However, there’s something not on this list that doesn’t get better with time, unless you have support to change it: poverty. Thanks TSB for giving me the chance to make a change with my food bank donation.


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  1. So ggod to hear you are putting your voucher towards products for a food bank – excellent!

    Laura x

  2. Inspiring! Ive seen on the news a few times now how more and more people are having to rely on foodbanks. Scary thought. Not a situation anyone wants to be in but thankfully the option is there.

    • That’s similar to my thinking. You never know when it might be your family that needs to call on these services.

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