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What to get a two year old girl for her birthday

The weekend was spent mostly gulping back my pride at having a two year old daughter. We went home to celebrate her birthday, to Manchester, to see friends and family, where we had a little pub-based party and I got to catch up with some of my oldest and dearest friends, as well as family. We stayed at Grandpa and Nanny’s house, and on Sunday went to Church with my Mum, her partner, my sister and her partner and his parents, and our beloved niece. Then we went for lunch at my best friends. It was the best!


She got some incredible presents, all of which I have been tidying, folding, reading and building ever since. In case anyone is looking for inspiration for what to buy a two year old girl, the list reads like a masterclass in clever gift choosing, so here are some pictures (I ‘had’ to model the new feather cape, because Tibbs is asleep!)

My best moments this weekend were watching the Grand National all squeezed into one tiny pub tv room, seeing my Mum in her church choir uniform and doing her reading, watching Tibbs and her cousin use the church aisles as a race track with the toy buggy, watching my Dad and his partner put the finishing touches to the build on Tibbs’ new trike, and having a fab chat with my best mate, surrounded by four dogs, and lots of love.

Brilliant birthdays.


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  1. Ros Ros

    Happy birthday Tibbs!! How many pairs of sunglasses??!!! Very jealous! x

    • I know! They are going to go amazingly with her Out To Play jumper..which is a big favourite!

  2. Lia Lia

    What a lovely weekend you had and wow, what a lucky girl, she did good – great birthday haul 😉 Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, Tibbs! Cracking set of presents. I think that feather cape suits you. 😉

    • I know… ‘her feather cape’…obviously it’s MY cape!

  4. Ah lovely, I hope she enjoyed her Northern birthday weekend. Also, that feather cape looks amazing x

  5. I’m not surprised she’s such a gorgeous munchkin and those presents – genius! I kinda want them for myself x

  6. Aaahhh, we’ve just had a third birthday and went down lots of similar present routes! I LOVE that first photo, what a happy little face – and the feather cape is amazing!

  7. there’s just too much cuteness in this post. what a lucky lady!

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