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This week I’ve been…

Life has been a bit different this week. My other half has been off work whilst I continued working and I can truly say that without him being at home, this week would’ve been really difficult, I’ve had a huge project at work, on which I’ve worked 11 hours more than the 24 I normally work a week. But it’s also been a great week. Here’s some things I’ve enjoyed:

  • We took Tibbs to our local Thali Cafe in Totterdown for her first proper curry. She was a fan, especially of the flatbreads, poppadoms and deliciously made chicken kebabs
  • I got a new dress, thanks to House of Fraser, which I’m loving. It’s super lightweight fabric and a really pretty pattern. Although I’m short, I ordered the ‘tall’ version because I like my knees to be off display. It goes perfectly with my new canvas cream Doc Martens


  • I tempted my colleagues over to Bristol for the day so we could all work together. We enjoyed a really lively morning at Stock Exchange Bakery which is a great place to work if you fancy a change of scene, then I took them to Small Bar for cider, American style hotdogs and sandwiches, and a quick game of Cards Against Humanity. Somewhat shamefully, this was one of those afternoons you remember what it’s like not to always be the mum walking past the people having afternoon drinks in the sun


  • Tibbs also played a new card game this week – Peppa Pig snap style, a birthday present, in the evening sunshine, with her daddy, which she loved


  • We became the owners of a Nutribullet. To be truthful, I wouldn’t know what a Nutribullet was if I wasn’t connected to a few health and foodie writers and bloggers on Instagram etc. It’s basically a kick-ass juicer which creates no pulp, so when my husband said he wanted to get a juicer, I suggested this one. It’s currently glowering at me from the other side of the kitchen, keen for me to throw some kale in it and get going. I’ll report back on that one!
  • BYOB Choir, something I’ve been a member of since I moved to Bristol, began it’s new term on Monday and it was so lovely to see my friends there and their kids after a two week break. Even in two weeks, the kids had changed. One more sitting up, one more joining in with the toddler ball chasing as we sing. We are sounding good these days, and I love, love, love going.

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