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Fuego review – Latin American Sunday brunch

We decided to do something different for our Easter Sunday brunch and headed to Fuego, the latest Latin American food joint in Bristol. At 11am on a Sunday in the city, we found it easy to park near the harbourside and picked our way through the morning sunshine and folks clearing up from the night before (Fuego is beside the small Sainsbury’s and the Radisson hotel, on a strip I wouldn’t normally associate with delicious food, I’ve got to admit!). Here’s our Fuego review.

However, Fuego is an absolute jewel on this side of town, and as soon as you step in the door you can see that. The decoration is great, it reminded me of some of the Mexican restaurants I used to go to when I lived in New York. There’s a lot of colour, reclaimed wood and an open kitchen and bar where you can see what’s being cooked for you.

The menu is pretty simple and, in my opinion, very authentic. There’s what you’d expect, tacos, burritos and quesedillas, but it’s all mega freshly prepared and a good size – sometimes I’ve found portions in Latin American places, especially for burritos, to be huge and unwieldy! Fuego also serves something called a Mofungo, which I didn’t try, but it’s something to look out for. It’s quite mysterious sounding and I’m pretty sure will be its signature thing.

We loved the choice of Bristol-made table sources, carefully labelled 1-5 in heat. Tibbs made it up to a 2, carefully dipping her plantain chips as we waited for our food to arrive. We also loved the bottomless soft drinks. Our lovely barman informed me that five refills was currently the record, but I’m pretty sure a hungover crowd could beat that quickly.


Our food was ace. I had chicken tacos, with extra guacamole, the chicken was juicy, the taco was floury with a bit of crunch, and the tomato and coriander was super fresh and just enough. Tibbs and her dad had a sharing plate, where you can choose your own combination. Tibbs’ godfather had a burrito with a side of smoky, red beans, which were lush. The chips were also fabulous!


Price wise, Fuego is competitive. I think it’ll be a huge hit with the midweek working crowd, it’d be a lovely place to go for a cold beer and some hot food at lunchtime or after work. We were loving something different on a Sunday too, the menu wasn’t too heavy and the atmosphere was really peaceful and bright, and the staff were friendly and totally cool with a very excited toddler intent on exploring every nook and cranny.

Thanks to Fuego for our brunch for two, we paid our extra meal and service, and all opinions on the food are very definitely my own.

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  1. oh my goodness this has made me so hungry. love the decor in this place!

  2. I love the decor, very cosy. Looks like a great place! x

  3. I love the styling of that place!! Love that kind of food also! x

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