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Easter things to do in Bristol

Morning! Here are some ideas for Easter things to do in Bristol, not just focused on the kids, but hopefully something everybody you’re spending the weekend with can enjoy. It’s my husband’s birthday weekend, so we’ll be spending it with each other and some friends too, as well as Tibbs and Mack.

I’m going in strong with this first one. What about trying these from @restingchef, on sale from today at Zazu’s Gloucester Road and the Station Kitchen. Fresh, warm Creme Egg Brownie anyone? Pretty significant seeing as the Easter Egg was invented here in Bristol by our own JS Fry in 1873, and then (thank the Lord) they also invented the Creme Egg a couple of years later, but the recipe was sold to Cadbury’s quickly after that.

Creme egg brownies #glutenfree #brownieporn

A photo posted by restingchef (@restingchef) on

And talking of The Station Kitchen, I haven’t been up there yet, and I really must. They start Saturday opening on April 11th so maybe  that will be the day. It sounds perfect for a big brunch/lunch holiday meet up. It’s such a lovely looking space, (look at those big buggy-friendly doors) and they are more than ok with child visitors, with a big basket of toys in there. Read the Bristol Bites review – and look at this food!

Mushroom, spinach and feta pizza #bristol #cafe #food #bristolfood #igersbristol A photo posted by The Kitchen, Bristol (@stationkitchen) on

Also on the subject of food, Taste Chocolate is a two day, free to enter festival in Brunel Square this weekend. There are cookery demonstrations, involving a lot of the main ingredient, live music, and some of Bristol’s finest street food trucks are popping up there too.

I really like Brunel Square as a venue (just under the masts as you look at the pic below). It’s small, has a pretty awesome walk or ferry ride up to it (like a tour of our maritime history basically in half a mile) and it’s overlooked by the main lady herself, the SS Great Britain, who just sits and watches all the fuss like a big old nanny at a playgroup. Talking of which, there are lots of kids activities, including Easter Bonnet making.

And, if you fancy finding out what all the meaning behind Easter really is, how about attending an Easter Sunday church service? We are smack bang in the middle of Holy Week, the culmination of the Passion of the Christ. Easter Sunday celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. The start of new life. What a perfect time to spend with family. Bristol Cathedral, our big daddy of Christian celebration, has so much going on for those who might want to find out more. the 10am service this Sunday will be packed, and as one of our most child-friendly places to go, is definitely worth a visit.

Lastly, Spring animals. All our city farms and surrounding ones have jumping, wriggling lambs and baby ducks to check out. Here are some from Windmill Hill enjoying the sunshine!


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  1. THAT PIZZA!!!

    I love the look of Bristol. If I didn’t want to stay living in MK for my family I’d be there in a shot x

  2. I seriously wish I lived closer to Bristol. Not because of the chocolate connection – but I did NOT know he was from Bristol and invented the Creme Egg!

  3. The more and more i read about Bristol, the more i want to just up and move there! There is so much happening and it is such a vibrant city. My town has nothing on other Easter or anything really going for it at all!!!

  4. So looking forward to planning Easter activities with my children one day- soon! x

  5. That food looks amazing!! I’m on a healthy eating plan thing and am not eating sugar etc but that is so tempting! x

  6. Wow, creme egg brownies….why am I away from Bristol over Easter?! Bad mistake….

  7. Sweet list. We’ve been checking out the lambs and piglets over at Lawrence Weston Community Farm this week.

  8. Ooh the station kitchen sounds interesting, definitely on my list to try out! X

  9. love these ideas and I haven’t been to most of those places you mentioned! We live right by St Werbs city farm and its a a regular weekend activity as it involves me being rewarded with coffee and cake at the cafe and Wilf getting to see the animals. Sometimes its followed by beer at the farm pub too so everyones a winner 😉 x

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