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Ashton Court, we love you!

The time I’ve been waiting for for ages arrived this month – the meeting point between our little girl’s walking stamina and our puppy’s appetite for longer walks. We’re spending lots of time as a family at the moment, and one of my highlights of this time in April has been taking more walks at Ashton Court.

I think we are so incredibly lucky to have Ashton Court. Without the purchase by Bristol City Council, who knows what would’ve happened to it. When the Smyth (him of actual Greville Smyth fame) family had to sell it in 1946 to pay death duties, it took 13 years to sell. Imagine that, in these days where Bristol houses sell within two hours of going on the market? Controversially, I think it’s even more of an asset to Bristol than Clifton Downs. Better walks, better bike rides, better parking, and a view to savour at any time of the year.

Go now, and you’ll get the bluebells in the woods, the meadows full of buttercups, and the incredible birdsong. It’s the perfect place for toddler adventures, with wide paths for their ride-ons and scooters, and lovely lush green grass to scamper in. I think it typifies Bristol – there’s always so much going on. Friends on bike rides, students revising with music and drinks on their blankets, tired parents shuffling up hills with buggies, dogs bounding around looking for adventure.

Recently, Tibbs was sent some brilliant clothes from the fabulous Little Peco, our favourite online kidswear shop. Little Peco gathers some of the best designed and sourced children’s clothes in one place, and I always get a bit excited when the new season’s stuff comes out. The Out to Play jumper in the pictures is by Boys&Girls and is available here. Aside from the colours, what I like best about it is it’s SO hardwearing – it’s had ten washes in the 5 weeks I’ve had it and comes out spanking every time. Last year, Little Peco sent this set for Tibbs, and the t-shirt is still going strong (my girl is small, and not growing out of stuff much!)

Little Peco has offered Bristol Parent readers 15% off until the end of May using the code bristol15.


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  1. Her jumper is AMAZING!! Love it! And this has got me excited for the hot air balloon fiesta at Ashton Court! x

  2. I have this jumper for Wilf but in grey! do you know I’ve only ever been to Ashton Court once? I think it’s because we don’t drive but I should make an effort to take Wilf some day x

  3. love that Jumper! looks like a great day out x

  4. I love ashton court, I can’t wait until Theo is a little more confident on his bike and we can all go on a family bike ride! Love that jumper too!

  5. Gorgeous photos…am loving the clothes and will head on over to their site now to see if they have any cute baby clothe to add to my little bean’s collection xx

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