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The Bristol Sightseeing Tour – review

A few Sundays ago we took the Bristol Sightseeing Tour with City Sightseeing Bristol. We were first on the first bus, due to a pretty horrible 4am waking up incident. It was cold and rainy. But we had such a great time.

The tour lasts around 75 minutes if you stay on the bus for the full loop, but the best thing is you can get off at any of the stops on the loop and then get back on later. In fact, I think you can get a ticket that lasts the whole weekend if you really want to make use of it.

We got on by Harbourside, after getting some really nice crepes and hot chocolate from the crepe stand opposite the stop. We actually went there for ‘two teas’ but the guy misheard this as ‘ham and cheese’ so made us a crepe. It turned out to be a big bonus – toddlers love crepes in the rain!

The kids (aged nearly 2 and 3) were brilliant. They enjoyed snuggling under the blankets that the bus provides and weren’t disruptive at all. Tibbs actually fell asleep in the end, which was predictable given the motion and the cuddles.

The bus takes in all the beautiful Bristol sights and our excellent guide talked at an easy listening pace, giving us lots of facts. I’m not going to tell you them so as not to spoil it though. I loved how the bus stops at the main photographic tourist attractions for a few minutes. Looking at the suspension bridge in all its glory for longer than my usual drive past, it really is an incredible feat of engineering.


We also liked the fact that the guide was pretty up for answering our questions, and was really friendly. The biggest surprise, although we didn’t do it, was that dogs are welcome on board. So it really is a whole family activity.

On a sunny day, especially, I don’t think there would be any better way to see Bristol. Unlike some cities, Bristol is a great one to look at from a higher vantage point. The buildings come to life, the views are serene, and you really get a sense of the watery map that the floating harbour and rivers makes through the place.

This is a real treat that’s worth incorporating into your day, especially if you have visitors from out of town. It’s also a great idea for school trips and I know the Tours are offering great deals for this. Do look out for the frequent two for one ticket offers as well. Under fives are free and an adult ticket is £14.00. Plus, you get given a whole bunch of money off tokens for other Bristol attractions when you’re on board. You can also buy a bus/ferry combination ticket which is good value too.

Give it a whirl, it’s pretty much the ultimate busman’s holiday! Thanks very much to Bristol Sightseeing for the tickets for our family.

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  1. looks like a fun way to see the city – will have to add it to our to-do list next time I make it to Bristol x

  2. Ah this looks fun, and sounds like a great way to see Bristol which is just a bit too spread out to do on foot with little ones! x

  3. I’ve never thought of going on one of those bus tours, especially in my own city, but I can see how good it would be for kids!

  4. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Bristol but didn’t even know about this! Looks like great fun and a good way to see so many parts of the city! x

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