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Ten things to do before they turn two

I’m reflecting on things I used to be able to do this morning. As your child grows, things change. You never get this time back. Make the most of it! Here are ten things to do before they turn two

1. Baby cinema – sounded like a stupid idea at first, but actually, sitting in the dark munching maltesers and feeding your baby in a screech-tolerant environment is mega.

2. Watch what you want on telly during the day – because once they start being interested, you can’t really watch Game of Thrones whilst you give them their lunch

3. Play boardgames – you’ll be hiding them and their tiny pieces for a few years once you’ve got someone trying to eat them

4. Have other friends with babies for dinner and invite them to stay over – babies settle a lot easier than toddlers, believe me!

4. Eat wherever you want during the day, even beside an unfenced pool – babies don’t care. Toddlers definitely do

5. Start some exercise, if that’s your thing – much harder when they’re wanting to join in and there’s fewer nap times

6. Go on every walk you’ve ever wanted to do, at your own pace – the definition of a ‘walk’ changes later!

7. Get as drunk as you can allow yourself and be absolutely hanging the next day – then you’ll have a recent memory of why this is not a good idea when they settle into a regular wake up and entertain me routine of 6am

8. Get away with your mates – I can highly recommend this – we went to Palma


9. Swap your baby bag for a rucksack – you’re going to need all the hands you can lay your actual hands on – I talk about my love of mine here 

10. Consider some of these other toddler parent essentials – a decent coat and a long top to cover your constantly bending down ass are my absolute musts

What would you recommend to someone now that yours have grown into toddlers?

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  1. Yes to all of these! I’ve enjoyed many a Netflix binge sesh while breastfeeding a baby on a feeding frenzy. Definitely one of the things I’ll miss when she’s a toddler!

  2. Baby cinema definitely doesn’t sound like a stupid idea! I remember when my kids were little thinking ‘why does someone not invent cinema sessions for mums with babies???’ and then when I didn’t have babies anymore, they did. I really should have written that idea down.

  3. Ah I recognise Glastonbury Tor there! The place where I spent every Friday night drunk as a teenager! I can remember once they had scaffolding up and we used to climb up it in the middle of the night, so lucky no-one fell off! x

  4. I used ot love baby cinema soooooo much and now I don’t tend to go much on my own. However I am planning a mini two day away with a friends/without child. Guilty but a must! x

  5. I remember the days of being able to eat when you want when you’re out – now they’re older, once the clock hits midday their lunch radars go on!

  6. i’m loving the idea of baby cinema! (i mean, if i was a parent of course)

  7. This is brilliant…will have to keep all these in mind as we embark on parenthood! Fab post x

  8. Oh gosh, you’ve covered this sooo well I don’t think I can think of anything else…but I do know I want to go to Palma 🙂

    Ace post, it made me larf! Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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