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Uptown gunk – messy play in Bristol and some muddy outdoors stuff too

My toddler starts messy play every day at 7am when she tears off her bib and eats her cereal with both hands, throwing fistfuls at the puppy’s head. It’s a start as I mean to go on thing, if she had her way we’d be paddling in a swamp, decorating walls with treacle and polystyrene balls for the rest of the day.

If your children like getting messy and you like them doing it somewhere where you don’t have to clear up, here’s some ideas for making messy play in Bristol happen:

Classes and drop in sessions

Outdoors fun with a bit of mess

Cool ideas for just being outdoors

  • Northern Slopes – never heard of it? Best views in South Bristol, excellent place to learn to roll down a hill
  • Brandon Hill – playground, ice cream, circular walk, meet your partner for lunch if they work in town type of vibe
  • Queen’s Square – go in office hours, take the ride on/mini pushchair, scurry around a bit
  • Horfield Common – dog free play area
  • Dame Emily Park – pretty much sums up Bristol in one play/leisure space – great on sunny days
  • Perret’s Park is getting a new playground, opening in a few weeks

And if you’ve got a baby to feed, check out this post from last year on seven places to feed your baby in Bristol  

There’ll be loads I’m missing, these are just my early morning ideas – please feel free to leave a comment and tell me about more.

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