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Didriksons coats – Spring outdoor fashion

This month, we got some new Didriksons coats, a Swedish outdoor clothing brand which has a growing following in the UK. Once you’ve got one of these coats on, you’d know why.

In fact, once you’ve got one of the coats on, it’s a bit like being a Dalmation owner, or a classic car driver, you notice other folks with the same thing and feel like giving them a cheery, knowing smile. In Didriksons case, the knowng smile for me would say ‘yeah, it’s battering down with hail and you’re as warm and dry as me, aren’t you?’

I’ve been a horse owner, a dog owner, a convertible car owner, and a fan of outdoor running in my time – I’m not boasting, just listing multiple occasions for being cold and wet and in need of a decent coat. I had an incredible full length Barbour once, and for the last ten years have dog walked in a Peter Storm that due to multiple washes is no longer storm proof whatsoever. We were so looking forward to the arrival of our Didriksons coats, and they’ve totally revolutionised our outdoor family lives.

I chose a Ronja jacket in red, my husband a Melker parka in green, and Tibbs got a Nallo Kids coat. I first wore mine to the smallholding on a cold but sunny day to take charge of a winter barbecue we had for some volunteers. As the wood smoke curled round me and I stoked the burning charcoal, I realised that every part of me under the coat was already toasty. My Ronja jacket reaches down below my backside and has something called a ski-skirt to give further coverage. Didriksons, being Swedish, make sure most of their coats are ski-appropriate. They are really fashionable cuts and colours too (especially the Melker parka).

My favourite features are the sleeves on my coat and Tibbs’. They have a snug fitting cuff and then an over layer of protective material, so the sleeve stays put, you don’t get any messing around with cuffs in the mud or the snow when you bend over to pick up things, and they hold your gloves in place. We’re training our puppy at the moment, and all three of us have pockets stuffed with dog treats, which have remained totally dry and accessible even when it’s pouring down.

Tibbs and I went to forest school where it rained hard, and there were none of the plaintive tears you get from a toddler who is too cold to play. She just got on with her bug hunt whilst the rain and wind swirled around. Her Nallo coat is long, so when she sits or falls down, only her legs get muddy. Didriksons do some brilliant kids waterproof trousers too, which are fab for outdoor play.

My husband is in love with his Melker parka. It’s got a detachable fur hood (as has my Ronja) which means he can wear it over his suit to walk to work and feel quite smart, or pull up the hood and brave the weather on a dog walk. You can drive in the coats without feeling constrained by too much puffiness, which I love. Despite the warm nature of the coats, they’re thin and light to the touch.

Didriksons Spring range is now in stock and you can have a look here to see what might suit you. Didriksons is available in Blacks and Complete Outdoors, and a quick google will reveal other stockists. I even saw a Mumsnet thread which named them as the best women’s parka (now that’s an accolade, the government practically hand out a parka to every mum in the maternity ward, along with stripy tops and New Balance trainers these days). I can’t recommend them highly enough, and I think we’ll be wearing ours for years to come.

One last note, size wise – Didriksons goes up to size 22 in most coats, which I think is brilliant. The men’s sizing seems to be modelled on the typical taller Swede too, so the sizes are also roomy.

A big thank you to Didriksons for the coats, we love them!

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  1. These look like great coats, we like to be outdoors alot in the winter, and living in Wales it’s always raining so these would be perfect

  2. ok I’m sold! I really need an actually practical coat that keeps my snuggly in the park. so funny what you said about being in a club of people who have the same thing, I can totally see that happening! I have a couple of friends with these coats now and they seem like such good quality especially if you are outdoorsy. I think Tom especially would love them! x

  3. These look great, anything that stops toddler tears at the cold sounds wonderful in my opinion! x

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