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Neck and back pain life hacks

On Saturday I felt a sadly familiar grinding pain in my upper back and I knew I’d trapped a nerve in a vertebrae again. Actually, my osteopath confirmed yesterday that it’s three nerves and three vertebrae, which is two more than last time. I did it (both times) picking up our daughter. I’ll be very sore for a week or two, but with combined osteo and exercises and good old ibuprofen, hopefully on the mend soon.

There must be so many mums and dads who have gotten some sort of back or neck injury since having kids. I counted the amount of times I had to pick up or bend down to my daughter in one day, and it was over 70. Just in case you’re suffering, here’s a couple of neck and back pain life hacks.

Firstly, don’t try and treat yourself until you’ve been able to get a proper diagnosis on what’s causing the pain. For example, the first time I had a trapped nerve in a neck vertebrae, I slept with a hot water bottle on my neck for a week before going to get it diagnosed. It turns out that heat, although temporarily soothing, will make a swollen nerve worse. If you know it’s a nerve issue, a bag of frozen peas placed for ten minutes the affected area to numb the nerve endings will help. This should be repeated for up to an hour before bed, and during the day if you feel like it. Before bed, it’ll help your chances of getting comfy and not being so stiff on wake up. I’ve demonstrated this move below. And am writing this with peas stuffed down the back of my bra. Party on.

My second tip is probably my favourite wellness life hack ever received. You don’t even need to be in terrible pain to love this one! Take one tennis ball and one clean sock. Add tennis ball to sock. Swing over shoulder and keep hold of the end. Place ball on affected muscle and stand against a wall, using the wall and your body as a ball sandwich to roll it around over the affected area. Control depth of massage by not leaning in so hard. This is the best, most effective muscle stress relief, particularly for shoulders. And it can be done alone and anywhere you have balls and a wall. So to speak.

It goes without saying that the manner in which you pick up your kids will help to safeguard against this. I found this American, yet very practical guide to doing it without hurting either you or the toddler. Good luck, enjoy your balls in socks. It’ll change your life!

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  1. I feel your pain, literally! I herniated 2 discs having my youngest daughter, so am constantly getting pain and twinges, apparently they take 5 years to heal! Only another 3 to go! Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • whhhaaat? you herniated discs IN labour? That’s unreal – you poor thing. Women are magic beings they really are.

  2. well i’ve never heard of the ole ‘ball and sock’ (hahah) but i will definitely give that a go next time my back is hurting. which is often. hope yours feels better soon.

  3. 70 times in a day, that’s a crazy statistic! I feel like my back never recovered from pregnancy, I am aged by my bloody back, wah. Great tips x

  4. Bizarrely my back was fine during pregnancy (even when lifting the toddler) but at the moment it hurts loads – think it’s carrying the baby round all the time. I’m totally getting in on the tennis ball and sock action, that sounds SO GOOD.

  5. Such great tips as back pain can be awful and I totally agree with what you are saying about getting it seen by a professional first

    Laura x

  6. that ball and sock combo looks genius, will have to try it for sure! Hope your back feels better soon x

  7. I always thought to put heat on it! you learn something new every day, I started trapping nerves in my back last year when picking up Wilf badly and it made me feel a 100 years old! It’s reminded me to take care of myself a little better. Hope your neck feels better soon! x

    • Fritha go and get it looked at if you do it again, seriously, it’s worth every penny

  8. Those tips sound great. I’ll pass them on to my husband Greig as he suffers a bit with his back from time to time. Thanks x

  9. I hear you with the back pain. I have arthritis, 3 prolapsed discs and SPD! Almost a full house. Forever trapping nerves in my shoulders, which is really painful. It is cold for new injuries and heat for old injuries in most cases. Thanks for linking up to #TheList hun x

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