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Keeping that drawing forever – lukedrewthis children’s artwork gifts (with giveaway!)

I’m a sentimental sort and I have a small stack of crinkly, stiff sheets of paper, which to the casual observer, are the paintings of a small child. To me, they’re all memories. The first time she held a crayon. The first handprint drawing. The first tissue paper flower. I’d like to keep them forever.

When Julie from lukedrewthis got in touch with me about her wonderful business which takes children’s drawings and turns them into permanent art on things like bags and cushions, it was very good timing. A great friend of mine, who has been having a bit of a tough time, and has an incredibly imaginative little girl who loves to draw had just shown me one of her pictures. I asked Julie if she could help me cheer my friend up and here are the results, isn’t it amazing? I could look at this picture all day and see something different, and the fact it says ‘I love mummy’ at the bottom is just perfect. It looks so great against the simple cream colour of the bag, too.


Julie’s company is Bristol based and named after her son, who loves to draw. She’ll place your chosen drawing on a t-shirt, babygro, cushion or bag, all of which are ethically sourced and made of Fairtrade material. Everything comes in a variety of colours – I love the bright yellow for bags, and a black t-shirt with the drawing in white looks fab for guys, quite designer! Check out all the happy dads on the lukedrewthis gallery.

These are such a special gift for anyone, especially if the drawing is of them. Julie’s working hard on Mother’s Day orders for gifts at the moment (if you like the look of something, get your order to her by March 8th and it’ll get to you in time).

But, just for Bristol Parent readers, lukedrewthis is giving away the chance to win a cushion with your chosen drawing on in time for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is use the widget below to win as many chances as you want, including leaving a comment to tell us about your favourite drawing by your child.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks to Julie from lukedrewthis for the beautiful bag for my friend. I know it’ll make her smile when she uses it.

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  1. Tracy K Nixon Tracy K Nixon

    I have a love drawing by my youngest daughter of all the family decorating our tree!

  2. This is lovely, I have box of pictures that gathers dust under the bed. What a great idea, I felt a bit emo! what a lovely thing to do for your friend.

  3. Amazing!! I LOVE this!! Elle loves to draw us all holding hands in a meadow surrounded by flowers. I am very much going to order one for my husband for Father’s day. He will just love it!! x

  4. Jodi hill Jodi hill

    What a lovely giveaway, I have lots and lots of drawings of my son’s it would be hard to choose.

  5. elaine dale elaine dale

    our grandson loves drawing super heroesfor us

  6. what a great idea!! I have a huge box full of pictures, love the idea of putting them on a bag or t-shirt

  7. It would be soooo hard to pick just one drawing! My little artist needs a gallery for all his work, but I’d probably let him pick his favorite one.

  8. kim neville kim neville

    My daughter has done a nice picture of the family together on the beach on holiday

  9. Louise Asekokhai Louise Asekokhai

    My daughter draws lovely pictures of people.

  10. This is so cool! What a great git to get off your little one. i’d love to see Paul rocking one of F’s drawings. x

  11. Maxine Owen Maxine Owen

    Lots of colour and bold lines 🙂

  12. Lynsey Buchanan Lynsey Buchanan

    I love my newest picture which is a drawing of my daughter, her friend and me at ice scaking.

  13. Megan Adams Megan Adams

    My favourite drawing of my daughters is one she drew at nursery of our little family. She put so much effort into it and was the first ‘portrait’ drawing she had made with proper body shapes 🙂

  14. Ashleigh Allan Ashleigh Allan

    My daughter did a lovely picture of our family!

  15. rominy colville rominy colville

    our family

  16. Zoe G Zoe G

    I have so many favourite drawings from my 2 children, some are really cute and lovely and others are funny, it would be a hard choice as have so many, I like the idea of having one on a cushion

  17. A lot of long worms in pencil format lol – his 1st ever attempt@drawing for daddy! 🙂

  18. claire blaney claire blaney

    I love it when they draw people

  19. Claire Nutman Claire Nutman

    I love the stick men drawings that my son does, he creates little battles, theyre so good x

  20. I love big man’s drawings as everyone is always smiling

  21. Ah such a lovely idea. Cherry drew a picture of Mr C the other day and it made him look like an alien! x

  22. Ah these are so cute! Lovely idea 😀 x

  23. Michelle Banks Michelle Banks

    my grandaughter drew me a lovely picture of acdc yesterday, so cute x

  24. Tammy westrup Tammy westrup

    These are soooo lovely! I have a pic of me drawn by my little man that I would love on a bag.

  25. Jo m welsh Jo m welsh

    I love her family drawings they are always interesting!

  26. natalie moore natalie moore

    my little girl is only 2 but her drawings are so cute she makes me so proud every day

  27. what a great idea, now to get Theo drawing more!

  28. Karen Barrett Karen Barrett

    Ellie did a fabulous bonfire picture, I have it as my screensaver

  29. I absolutely love this idea… I’m also a picture hoarder too btw, I just can’t let those little scribbles go! x

  30. clair downham clair downham

    one my daughter did of the 4 of us

  31. lynn heath lynn heath

    My Son loves drawing dinosaurs and trains – we have lots, even one on the dining room wall from when he was younger!!!!

  32. gah this is such a cute idea!! Wilf drew a jellyfish the other day and it was fantastic, what a lovely way to keep the memory x

  33. Jennifer Toal Jennifer Toal

    I have a drawing of me framed on my bedside table 😉

  34. Becky John Becky John

    My son loves drawing our family or monsters! Have too many to pick a favourite.

  35. Sarah Parker Sarah Parker

    my kids all draw fab pictures – my girls draw cute animals and my son draws men with guns 🙂

  36. jen jackson jen jackson

    A cute farmyard drawing

  37. Lisa Wilkinson Lisa Wilkinson

    My little girl is a minimalist. She just likes to dot, dot, dot at the minute!

  38. Kate Cass Kate Cass

    I have tonnes of faves, I love the pictures she drew of what she wanted for Christmas, her fairy drawings but her drawings of our family, grandad and Aunties are just gorgeous!

  39. Maria Jane Knight Maria Jane Knight

    My favourite drawing is one Ronan drew of me,him,daddy and our dog tiny all holding hands 🙂

  40. Lucy Carter Lucy Carter

    I have a lovely family picture drawn by my daughter

  41. stephanie campbell stephanie campbell

    a picture my son first ever drew on his easel i love it. he calls it super bunny! i love their imagination

  42. olivia kirby olivia kirby

    My daughter actually did a beautiful picture yesterday at school – rainbow fish – so cute!

  43. Graham Ashworth Graham Ashworth

    Nice prize..

  44. CJ Smith CJ Smith

    Too many to pick a favourite! 🙂

  45. Ema J Lowe Ema J Lowe

    Our older daughter (9) loves drawing, she does one most days, when she gets home from school. There are too many, to pick a fav.

  46. Pauline Wilson Pauline Wilson

    My favourite is a picture of me and my daughter she drew and I got made into a set of coasters, this is a brilliant prize, I would love a cushion of us too

  47. I love all my daughter’s pictures. My favourite one is of our family though – classic stick man pics with long legs and big eyes!

  48. Rebecca Nisbet Rebecca Nisbet

    my daughter is loving doing her shapes at the moment like circles and lines, she only seems to use one colour though, i cant pick a favourite though, there all amazing!

  49. I spend time with D doing chalk drawings in the street – we tell a story and then draw pictures to go w ith them 🙂

  50. Lauren Main Lauren Main

    My favourite drawing that my child drew was of her dad, it is almost identical!

  51. Joanne Austin Joanne Austin

    My daughter likes using lots of colours. My son likes to draw a sun and a cow!

  52. Natalie Crossan Natalie Crossan

    My daughter decided to draw a picture of my mum with a baby in her tummy. It was hilarious x

  53. tishist tishist

    A drawing of the dog

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