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Ways in which your toddler is like your biggest teenage love

I don’t mean physically, of course. Unless your first love was two feet tall, rocking a pair of dungarees and a damp nappy – in which case, sorry about that. I mean that this week, I’ve started to see a definite comparison between being the parent of a toddler and one half of a teenage love story. Either way, love hurts.

1. Some days, they just have to have at least one body part touching yours AT ALL TIMES. Or the pain they emote is intense.

2. You have ‘your song’ – your eyes lock when it plays and it means so much to both of you

3. It’s totally cool that they let you cut their hair, no matter how ridiculous the results. Plus you still think they look adorable

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 14.09.11






4. You see their meltdowns as bursts of passion that only you understand and you can solve

5. You share a plate, a hot chocolate, a twix, a cereal bowl – THEY WANT WHAT YOU WANT









6. Your single friends talk about your PDAs and how you are always leaving things early and how you’re always ‘different’ when they’re there. But you don’t care – THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS, right?!?







7. When they’re not there, you sniff their clothes, or your clothes where they were cuddling you, and miss them



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  1. Hahaaaa the hello song, hahahaaaa! xx

  2. Haha this is really cute…I’m not there yet, hopefully one day but I can already imagine doing all the above! x

  3. Hah this make me smile! I am definitely guilty of the clothes smelling one!

  4. Ha so true, being a parent is like having the biggest crush that never really wears off (apart from when they hit teenagerhood maybe?) x

  5. I totally get this especially the always one piece of felix hanging on to me! lol x

  6. Oh this really made me smile – especially the passion and meltdowns you only understand. Such great post

    Laura x

  7. This is SO true! And very, very funny.

  8. Ernst Breithaupt Ernst Breithaupt

    I take no.1 as being indicative of how you view mature relationships.

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