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Parenting and the redemptive nature of travel

I saw the film ‘Wild’ this weekend. It’s a true story of a woman who, to recover from some deep emotional traumas, takes on the 1000 mile Pacific Crest Trail in America. It was good.

image by Aaron Doss

This morning I saw the film’s story described as being on the theme of ‘the redemptive nature of travel’. I think every parent needs some travel of a redemptive nature in their lives.

Not that I have anything terrible to redeem myself for, just the usual flaws, guilt and what ifs of life and parenting. But travel; new places, exciting plans, dreaming, scheming and general future memory weaving has got to be one of the best ways to shape your hopes and dreams. To redeem yourself from the darker, more insecure places that motherhood takes you to sometimes. When you say ‘I need a holiday’, the reasons why can help shape the break you have.

I’ve always been a mad fan of i-escape, one of our best Bristol businesses (read about the adventures I’ve had with them here) so I was so happy to go to an event they held last week to introduce the i-escape with kids collection to some bloggers.

The best bit was the travel matching station. i-escape’s greatest strength is the way they ‘just know’ what you’ll want from a holiday, and the honest way in which they describe the places they feature. The travel matching station ladies had looked at where I’ve been before, what my interests were, and then come up with some suggestions for what I do next. Perfect.

2015 is big for me, so my holiday dreams are as follows:

  • Our new four-legged friend arrives this week. Holidays with dogs can be a total joy, and he’s family now, so we’re looking for the perfect bucket and spade break with a canine companion.
  • My holiday with my friends to Palma was so successful that we’re already planning the next one for September. Rome, Malta and Tel Aviv have come up as possibles. I would love to add Istanbul as well.
  • I’m turning 40 in November and have escape plans involving a lot of friends, no kids, a huge party and a massive hangover spent in some giant bath somewhere.

And in my dreams, my bigger than reality dreams where I’m brave and relaxed? We’re going to India. We’ll see and eat everything. We’ll stay in cool rooms surrounded by history and beauty. We’ll sleep all the way there and back.

I’ve been once before and I need to go back. Don’t know why. Redemption?



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  1. Oooh, I really want to go and see that film! I love Reese Witherspoon. Is it worth a trip to the cinema?

    • Yes it is, for the scenery and the sense of loneliness she had in that big open space.

  2. Oh India… Once the girls have left home that’s where me and Dean want to go. Where did you go when you went before? I lap up anything to do with it!

    • Delhi, to work for a few weeks, with a trip to Agra on a weekend. Best business trip ever (aside from Johannesburg but that’s another story!).

      • ooh I want to hear your Jo Burg story sometime! That’s where my mum is from 🙂 x

  3. It was such a good event wasn’t it! i love the idea of Rome and how hot are you looking mama in those pics! I’ve definitely got the travel bug! x

    • Oh, I wish I still looked like that, I really do! Rome is incredible, really worth a trip, book it!

  4. I never really used to dream of travelling but since having kids it’s become a welcome thought in my mind! It’s hard not to dream of sunny beaches when you are having a crappy day in the middle of winter. It was lovely to meet you the other night, it was a great event and I’m so impressed with the products in the goody bags, they smell amazing!! x

    • Yes, great to meet you too. We need to do it more often I reckon!

  5. It was such a fun night! Thanks again for the lift, we should defo arrange drinks soon. I really want to visit India too but I’m not sure how to do it with a child, would it be crazy? x

  6. Really wish I had managed to come to the I-escape event. I love your travel photos and plans for this year – full of inspiration and I really hope you make it back to India this year. P.S I really want to see “Wild”!

    Laura x

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