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Thinking about summer already? – affordable kids clothes from House of Fraser

Isn’t it funny how different shops bring back different memories? I’m not talking Carrie Bradshaw encyclopaedic knowledge of where I bought my clothes, though. I’m talking how they made you feel. Take House of Fraser, for instance.

Rackhams (House of Fraser) in Altrincham, where I grew up, conjurs up warmth, the bustle of Christmas shopping, and the Clarins counter where I love to browse.  The St Philips Square store in Birmingham reminds me of feeling in love. Silly, I know, but my new boyfriend, now husband, used to get all his smart clothes from there as it was next door to work. I used to love going to meet him and helping him choose stuff.

Anyway, when House of Fraser asked if I would like to choose an item for Tibbs this season, I said yes straight away. Department store shopping with a pushchair is sometimes a bit stressful, so shopping on their website has been how I’ve been getting my House of Fraser fix since she was born. It’s been a real surprise. I used to get all my ‘going out’ clothes there, because I think it has some awesome bargains, especially in the sale, and it turns out the kids clothes are just the same. The current sale, for example, is a belter, you should check it out. I’ve picked out some of the nicest, most stylish and affordable toddler clothes and put them on this Pinterest board. I’m thinking about summer already, obviously, from my choices. Love those bird shorts so much, and the vest with the camera embellishment – the cutest!

Follow The Bristol Parent’s board House of Fraser wish list 2015 on Pinterest.

Anyway, I picked out this coat for Tibbs as there’s a long way to go till Summer. It was in the sale, with 25% off, and is under £30.00. It’s so well made, I love the detachable fur (Tibbs not so much, although our new puppy is very keen). I like the copper-coloured fastenings and pocket zips, and the fact the coat is a really nice navy, which, although it’s for girls, isn’t pink, which is immense! The one thing I would change is that the arms are a bit long, and the lovely padded nature of the coat makes it harder for me to find those little starfish hands inside. However, Tibbs is short-limbed, so it’s not really the coat’s fault!



Thank you to House of Fraser for the great jacket.


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  1. I know what you mean about shops. The Rackams (even the name feels retro) in Skipton used to remind me of Christmas / winter and always had a strong smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with perfume! Love the new coat – very sweet! x

  2. Honor Giles Honor Giles

    Yes, always worth trawling through H of F in Alty. Especially good for the loo! 🙂

  3. Very cute, love the coat. And I totally know what you mean about feeling nostalgic about certain shops x

  4. I’ve never really shopped for children’s clothes (in fact anything at all!) in house of fraser!) It’s probably because we didn’t have one near us when we were growing up so I don’t have that association with it! But looks like they have some lovely stuff!

  5. those coat is super cute, love the furry trim, we love HOF for Wilfs clothes too, I found a mango jumper there for him that was lovely x

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