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The Stock Exchange Bakery – review

St Nicholas Street in town is going to have an amazing 2015. A year ago, we walked down it at about this time of year on a Saturday afternoon and as you left the walls of the market, it silenced. Everywhere looked shut up and deserted, aside from a few brave shopfronts such as Bagel Boy.

These days, you could literally spend the whole day on that road only, and eat and drink some of Bristol’s most gorgeous stuff. The Stock Exchange Bakery is a recent addition and I loved it!

The Stock Exchange Bakery is a welcoming, open space with full views into the bakery and kitchen to the rear, which is mega exciting if you’re into knowing the provenance of your food. The manager, Kate and I spent ages talking about the place, and I even got a sneaky peek into the rest of the lovely old building which is going to be incredible once it’s finished (and contain more very good news for the area’s visitors and food fans).

Kate talked me through the menu and it was pretty hard not to buy one of everything. Lord knows I love a cake, and a doughnut, and a bagel, and a pastry, and sourdough, and freshly made salads. I was beginning to wish the baby was with me at one point, just so I could pretend some of it would be for her. So I settled for an incredible, fresh from the oven spinach frittata and salad and tried not to look rabidly keen as I ate it. It was delicious. The Stock Exchange Bakery also serves very high quality coffee. If I worked round there, I’d be there every morning. It reminded me of a New York deli.

Kate also told me about their happy stream of regular customers, including lots of locals in the flats around St Nicholas Street. If I was to live in town again, I’d consider this area – there’s so much new stuff going on and it’s all independent and run by young, bright people.

It’s an ideal place to take children of all ages. Not only is there high chairs and a small toy box, but it’s such a good place to show them how bread is made, and get them excited about food. Plus, if you’re going to taste a jam doughnut occasionally, it’s got to be one that’s still warm and puffy and made 10 feet away!

Give St Nicholas St and Stock Exchange a try this weekend. Maybe pack a change of clothes. With elasticated waists. Here’s some more temptation via their instagram feed.

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  1. Ooh this looks ace! I’m always looking for new places to try. I love eating out it’s one of my favour rite things to do! Xx

  2. The scaffold tables! The cakes and food! The industrial cookware! I wish I lived closer, I would be ALL OVER this place!

  3. Wow it looks so inviting!

  4. Oh this place looks amazing – I love the interior style and the food looks stunning. I love the market and John and I are planning a little day trip to Bristol before the baby comes so this is going on our places to eat list for sure

    Laura x

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