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Getting rid of the bottle, and other things I must change

Christmas and New Year was fun times for us, but it did bring some challenges in the teething, illness, sleeping and behaviour department. It’s made me realise that there are three things I need to change this month for our 21 month old girl.

Nice 4am face, Tibbs.
Nice 4am face, Tibbs.
  • Get control of the dummy back. The dummy has only ever been a car and sleep thing. But the teething made it a most of the day thing. Now, the wails for it start up at every little upset. It’s amazing how quickly this has happened. So, we’re gradually taking back control with the usual distraction methods and introducing other soothing things, such as soft toys.
  • Get rid of the night milk. Tibbs’ sleep has never been really ideal. She always goes down fine but it’s a rare night that she doesn’t wake up. Usually, we settle her with cuddles and strokes. But, again, with the sickness and the teething, milk at 4am has crept back in too. Probably every other night she ends up having her morning milk in the early hours and going back to sleep. I find this a lot less tiring and upsetting than getting up for the day at 4am. But I feel weak and lazy for doing it, and need to change. I also need to stop giving her milk when she won’t nap at lunchtime.
  • Get rid of the bottle. I get some pretty crushing responses to the fact she still has her milk in a bottle at 21 months. Apparently I should’ve switched to a cup/beaker almost a year ago. My only reason for not doing so is that I struggle to get mass volumes of liquid down her out of any cup or beaker, so I’ve been worrying that she won’t drink her milk and therefore won’t sleep. So I need to bite the bullet and just get on with it.

So, basically, I’ve got a lot of fault correction to do! Wish me luck!

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  1. We had the whole dummy saga, but we tried the dummy fairy where we let fF decorate a bag and hang it up and put his dummies in, in the morning there was a letter and a present and he never asked for it again. Fingers crossed it might work for you? x

    • I think we’ll do something like that Lori, for sure. But first step is trying sleeps without the darn thing, I think!

  2. v1xster v1xster

    Good luck with your positive changes (pls don’t think of them as fault correction – you’re doing a fab job). No experience with dummy but we’ve had a lot of success introducing a comforter specifically for sleep. Maybe you could introduce one of these alongside the dummy for a few days, and then phase the dummy out but leave the comforter?
    Hope it goes ok x

    • Oh thanks Vicki, that’s really kind of you to say so! And thanks for the ace suggestions too.

  3. We weaned Wilf off the dummy at two and a half, it was only ever used for naps and bedtime but I had been telling myself he wouldn’t have it for longer than a year for ever, then it was two years..then I just felt like it would be forever! We tried the dummy fairy thing but it didn’t work for us, Wilf got massively upset about it, in the end it was just by accident that I happened to be visiting my parents and lost his dummy, I wouldn’t be able to get another one for a couple of days and by then I thought I might as well just leave it. He was a nightmare over that week only sleeping at midnight from exhaustion but he forgot about it after a week. Good luck! xx

    • Fritha I have a feeling the pain will be worth the gain, but maybe will wait a little longer yet!

  4. None of mine would take a dummy, but Kiki was a nightmare to get off her bottle… she’d have milk in it until she was 2 and a half and have it hanging out her mouth 24/7… we did the bottle fairy in the end! Good luck

  5. Mine never took a dummy despite my best efforts and trying to get them too! I always assumed that all babies just took dummies but they used to pull this face like I was trying to poison them! I hope it all goes well though, it’s so hard with things like this as generally you do anything to make your life easy as a parent and get some peace and quiet, I know so many of my friends who end up giving in with dummies and a lot of Cherry’s friends have only just stopped drinking milk out of a bottle. I guess the comforting thing is knowing that they won’t be in their lives when they are at school.. unlike my thumb sucking which I did until I was 26!! x

  6. Lia Lia

    Isn’t it funny, i can’t remember how on earth I got the dummies off my big two, but I remember it took ages! Flo used to keep hers in a little box at the end of her bed for about a year after she stopped using it LOL!

  7. I think we always do things that make life easier and why not we are the ones who have to function as a family on a daily basis – I still have to lie next to my 4yr old at night to get him to sleep as he simply won’t go to sleep on his own no matter what we try but then again he is asleep in 15mins so whatever works I say

    Laura x

  8. Oh bless, I remember all this stuff so clearly! Feels like big deals at the time, good luck xxx

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