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Parenthood and how it’s reorganised my rational thought

Tolerance and patience are not my natural upfront virtues. And I’ve never been particularly rational. A good example of this is that I should definitely be asleep right now. It’s 4.30am and I have an awful cough and cold. But, because I know this is the only time I’ll get to myself today, I’m up and about, and thinking about how life has changed so much in one short year. Parenthood has changed my attitudes to lots of things, whether I like it or not.

Here’s the examples I’ve been dwelling on these past few days:

Then – I despised going to IKEA. It was 10.00pm on a Tuesday before you’d see me in there, screeching round with a trolley getting the precise thing I wanted (aside from 4000 tea lights obvs). Rowing in the car park with other customers over parking spaces, rowing in the car with anybody who was unfortunate to make the pilgrimage to Croydon from SW London with me. I hated the place. Necessary evil.

Now – I actually planned a visit with my friend Rachel because I thought it’d be nice, Christmassy, fun for the girls and nice to eat meatballs. And, I wasn’t wrong. We liked it, we went very early, we let the toddlers toddle, we spent most time in the kids’ bit. We were those customers I used to swear about under my breath. We dawdled. We laughed at our babies’ funny antics and took photos.

Tibbs and her bezzie enjoying some throne time
Tibbs and her bezzie enjoying some throne time

Then – walking into my favourite brunch spot with a warm, thick wedge of Saturday newspaper under one arm, finding the comfiest chair and staying till I couldn’t eat or drink any more. Maybe having a bloody mary. Reading the sports pages, and the property section.

Now – walking in backwards to get a buggy through the door, to the emptiest looking place you can find that looks half decent. Eating in shifts whilst one of you tries to edge morsels into the toddler’s gob. Seeing every low table, comfy chair and shelf of flyers as a potential carnage flashpoint. Realising you probably shouldn’t try this again until they can sit still. We were those customers people walk past brunch spots to avoid. But we were having a lovely time, and we found a place we’d never been before and really loved – Birdcage on Corn Street which was quiet so early on a Saturday morning, had utterly delicious food and very welcoming staff.

The lovely Birdcage - if you go, try the french toast, so good!
The lovely Birdcage – if you go, try the french toast, so good!

There are still things I haven’t done as a parent which are going to require further reorganisation of my thoughts. Things I fear. Organising and attending children’s birthday parties and the social regulations that seem to come with them. Trying not to turn shrill and over-sensitive when toddler behaviour needs correcting in public or at nursery. Pretending I’m relaxed about school catchment areas.

For now, I’m going to go with it. Embrace the inner weirdo I’d never have recognised before. Go to things like this, a rave for toddlers in a tent, which would’ve made me wince before. I can’t wait – I’ll be watching the two beings I love the most dancing together, what could be better?


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  1. Haha I LOVE going to Ikea now! It’s fun for me and the kids and doesn’t involve any play groups, result! x

  2. Ha ha the Ikea bit made me laugh, I have Ikea videos of my kids, how sad is that?

  3. Ha ha loved this post. One of my friends asks her husband to take her to ikea for her birthday every year bcause she loves it so much! P.S. I love spiegeltents!!

  4. Darn, that toddler disco looks AMAZING and it’s all sold out! Hope you have a great time. Similarly, I now like to plan play dates in IKEA. It is so sad but it’s reality.

  5. Lovely post…it’s amazing how things change and how adaptable we are to it. It’s funny listening to my friends when we meet up saying things like, it’s so nice to go to the toilet and not be interrupted! Haha! x

  6. Such a well written post and so true – Ikea excitement is on high in our house after having the little man – he loves it so much and it makes shopping fun – in fact wish all shops where like that 🙂 Life is never the same after having kids thats for sure

    Laura x

  7. great post! it’s funny how much things change after the kids arrive isn’t it?!

  8. Haha, this has amused me greatly. I was previously one of those people who ALWAYS rowed in Ikea. Vile place. Now? Love it. I’m taking E before Christmas so we can get some Christmas bits and have an easy day while the massive amazingness of ikea entertains her x

  9. IKEA is the best when you become a parent! Let me know when you fancy a trip next, I live really close we go weekly! x

  10. I got to ikea for breakfast all the time! I LOVE THE FREE COFFEE! And I’m a sucker for a veggie hot dog! And sadly I love kid’s parties! There is something about kid sized food that makes me sooooo happy! I guess I’m basically a kid! Good think I work at a toy store huh?!

  11. With you on ALL of these. Anything to distract / occupy the toddler is great in my book x.

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