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A little bird told me…it’s nearly Christmas – Hotel Chocolat Giveaway

I’m starting to get in the Christmas spirit. We all know that this year, a certain CGI penguin and his heartache is dominating a lot of the festive retail interest. But, other birds are available. And I have a fab giveaway in this post to add some very tasty tweets to your stocking, thanks to Hotel Chocolat.

If you’re a fan of all things avian when it comes to gifts, here’s some suggestions from me:

If you’re in Bristol, I think you should check out fabulous local artist Little Birdy. I love her animal and bird cards which I first saw in my local toy shop Jack and Jill, but you can also find her at my friend Fritha’s wonderful Bristol online craft and arts shop Tigerlilly Quinn.

I love this orange bird necklace from Ladybird Likes on Folksy. Orange is my favourite colour and I think this’d look lush on a black jumper background.

And on the orange vibe, I love this t-shirt from Dorothy Perkins. It reminds me of the colourful parrots we saw on holiday in Mexico, plus, in Bristol, parrots are always a good idea, just in case the need to go pirate strikes!

If penguins are your thing, this Matalan beanie hat is cute and looks nice and soft, and it’s only six quid!

My favourite bird, however, is the Robin. I love their quiet presence in the garden whilst you work, waiting for you to upturn the worms. I love their colouring and their merry little eyes. Hotel Chocolat have given me some delicious (and I can vouch for that, I ate mine in about 10 minutes) chocolate robin festive tweet chocolate gift boxes to give away. To win one for Christmas, enter via the widget below and I’ll make sure its with you in time to go in a stocking!


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  1. Eva Vida Eva Vida

    The lovely bird necklace 🙂

  2. Genna St Michael Genna St Michael

    I’d most like the bird necklace, very cute

  3. laura stewart laura stewart

    i like the Ladybird Likes on Folksy

  4. iain iain

    the hat

  5. Sarah Archibald Sarah Archibald

    the little hat! so cute!

  6. Eva Appleby Eva Appleby

    Fingers Crossed x

  7. Kevin Honey Kevin Honey

    It has to be the chocolate robin festive tweet chocolate gift boxes

  8. MichelleD MichelleD

    I love the bird necklace!

  9. Tracey Peach Tracey Peach

    The Festive Chocolate Robin because it’s so cute!

  10. Beccy Beccy

    The bird necklace is lush 🙂

  11. lauren tourle lauren tourle

    i really like the penguin hat 🙂

  12. Rachel Craig Rachel Craig

    The chocolate :- Oh, how I do love chocolate. This treat sounds delicious. Whilst I also like the hat, nice and would keep head and ears cosy this winter. I like the T-shirt, it would be great for Summer. Whilst I also like the necklace. Gift tags pretty. Seems I like all things avian etc. Could be due to Mum having a pet Budgie who is great fun to listen to, and watch playing with toys in cage etc.

  13. Isabel O'Brien Isabel O'Brien

    I love the Tigerlily Quinn shop they have a whole section devoted to cats. I wish all shops did.

  14. joanne darnell joanne darnell

    bird necklace

  15. EJ Dunn EJ Dunn

    I would love the Orange Bird Necklace in my stocking.

  16. Claire Hull Claire Hull

    The chocolate

  17. those mini cards from Fritha’s shop are on my wishlist! And we’ve just been eating that very Hotel Chocolat bar 😀

  18. Jessica Powell Jessica Powell

    The T-shirt – love that colour!

  19. Esma Blackwell Esma Blackwell

    I love the t shirt from Dorothy Perkins.Very stylish.

  20. The bird t-shirt I reckon…or the necklace. I can’t decide! Tweet x

  21. Love Robins, they’re super cute, chocolate’s a goodie too! x

  22. Alica Alica

    The T-shirt is adorable!!

  23. michelle banks michelle banks

    i love the t shirt x

  24. Abigail Cullen Abigail Cullen

    I like the Matalan beanie hat, like the colours used and penguins.

  25. Sue McCarthy Sue McCarthy

    The Penguin Hat

  26. karen cowley karen cowley

    The T Shirt x

  27. Lynn heath Lynn heath

    I quite like the T shirt from Dorothy Perkins, Its a bit different!

  28. Louise Fairweather Louise Fairweather

    Definitely the chocolate tweet

  29. Lorraine Stone Lorraine Stone

    The penguin hat would be a treat ~~

  30. Susan Laing Susan Laing

    I’m a sucker for a woolly hat so the penguin hat does it for me

  31. samantha price samantha price

    has to be the t shirt

  32. Michelle lintern Michelle lintern

    The t shirt

  33. Victoria Easton Victoria Easton

    orange bird necklace from Ladybird Likes – really different!

  34. lucy higgins lucy higgins

    i love the necklace, its very different

  35. Tina Holmes Tina Holmes

    Love the necklace.

  36. Allan Fullarton Allan Fullarton

    Love the penguin hat.

  37. Christopher Packer Christopher Packer

    The chocolate robin festive tweet chocolate gift boxes

  38. Andrea Fletcher Andrea Fletcher

    I like the hat.

  39. Emma Fox Emma Fox

    I like the t-shirt it’s a great colour.

  40. Helen B Helen B

    Definitely the Hotel Chocolat, mmm 🙂

  41. Mrs Janet Thornton Mrs Janet Thornton

    Love the penguin hat

  42. clair downham clair downham

    the penquin hat thankyou

  43. Paul Meulen Paul Meulen

    chocolate robin festive tweet chocolate gift boxes

  44. Rachel white Rachel white

    They’re all tweet. But I think it has to be the chocolate 🙂

  45. i love bird themed things too, not just at christmas!

  46. Lyla Lyla

    The chocolate

  47. Greig spencer Greig spencer

    penguin hat

  48. Pam Francis Gregory Pam Francis Gregory

    Love the beanie hat

  49. richard hill richard hill

    chocolate of course

  50. Helen Stratton Helen Stratton

    The orange bird necklace.

  51. eddie britton eddie britton

    The Matalan beanie hat with the penguins!

  52. Robby Price Robby Price

    Chocolate for me

  53. Charlotte Hood Charlotte Hood

    The Dorothy Perkins tee 🙂

  54. Corinne Peat Corinne Peat

    Chocolates please!


    the penguin bobble hat is cute

  56. Jade Jade

    The chocolate

  57. Sue Carter Sue Carter

    The Chocolate!

  58. Anthony G Anthony G

    Definitely chocs

  59. Lucy carter Lucy carter

    I’d like the bird necklace

  60. Janet Roskell Janet Roskell

    The matalan penguin beanie hat is too cute!

  61. Keith Hunt Keith Hunt

    Matalan beanie hat

  62. Charlotte Carter-Dunn Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    The bird necklace is adorable 🙂

  63. Viv C Viv C

    The beanie.

  64. Margaret Glover Margaret Glover


  65. I already have the necklace from Ladybird Likes and I totally love it! Great choice! I think I’d like the set of cards – soon sweet!! xx

  66. Lauren Old Lauren Old

    I’m in love with the Matalan Beanie Hat!

  67. Julia Linsley Julia Linsley

    The gorgeous Bird necklace

  68. Kathleen Thomson Kathleen Thomson

    The bird necklace

  69. Tracey baker Tracey baker

    Mmm The Choclate!!

  70. Nicola Holland Nicola Holland

    The bird necklace

  71. Irene Murdoch Irene Murdoch

    The Bird Necklace is pretty

  72. Melissa Red Melissa Red

    The chocolate

  73. Rebecca Powell Rebecca Powell

    I love the hat

  74. Pauline Wilson Pauline Wilson

    I would opt for the t shirt

  75. Julie Ward Julie Ward

    The chocolates, love any except continental

  76. Kerry Lethbridge Kerry Lethbridge

    I love the Orange bird necklace

  77. sarah pope sarah pope

    oh definitely the chocolate!

  78. gina sudron gina sudron

    chocolate robin gift box

  79. Michelle Stokes Michelle Stokes

    I’d love the penguin hat, it’s adorable!


    The Bird Necklace

  81. jessica newman jessica newman

    it has to be the chocolate

  82. Leanne Newsome Leanne Newsome

    New pjs

  83. Sarah Davies Sarah Davies

    The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tweet.

  84. Hayley Robson Hayley Robson

    the necklace is lovely

  85. carol boffey carol boffey

    the penguin hat

  86. Samantha Bolter Samantha Bolter

    the Folksy ladybird 🙂

  87. pauline black pauline black

    the hat!! so cute!

  88. Laura Whittle Laura Whittle

    The bird necklace x


    I love the Dorothy Perkins t- shirt, fab.

  90. catriona nation catriona nation

    Chocolate everytime

  91. kate deakin kate deakin

    yeah – it would be the chocolate!

  92. Amy Lambert Amy Lambert

    The orange bird necklace is gorgeous!

  93. Harley Harley

    Love the top and the hat!

  94. caroline tokes caroline tokes

    love the necklace

  95. Michelle Wild Michelle Wild

    The chocolate!

  96. Dale Dow Dale Dow

    Ooooooh I love the beanie hat! And the top…. but how cosy does the hat look!

  97. marie marie

    Hotel chocolate robin bars x

  98. Alexandra Smith Alexandra Smith

    The necklace is beautiful!

  99. Chris Fletcher Chris Fletcher

    Got to be the chocolate!

  100. Jemma Smith Jemma Smith

    The orange bird necklace from Ladybird Likes on Folksy. Its so cute and would look great with a dress Im planning over to wear for the xmas party

  101. Liz Ferguson Liz Ferguson

    The bird necklace is relly lovley

  102. Debbie Preston Debbie Preston

    It would have to be the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tweets

  103. jayne hall jayne hall

    the chocolate

  104. Lucy Mayer Lucy Mayer

    Love the beanie hat… although it would be very hard to turn down chocolate!

  105. Chris Reid Chris Reid

    The Hotel Chocolate tweet

  106. Claire D Claire D

    Chocolate for me please

  107. Eva Churchill Eva Churchill

    Chocolate of course !

  108. Jeanette Chalmers Jeanette Chalmers

    I’d love the chocolate!

  109. katie Kathurima katie Kathurima

    the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tweets

  110. Elaine B Elaine B

    The chocolate!!!

  111. Kirsty Woods Kirsty Woods

    Love the hat

  112. keith crooks keith crooks

    The orange bird necklace.

  113. siobhan marie siobhan marie

    the choccie xxx

  114. caroline kelly caroline kelly

    Hotel chocolat hmmmm

  115. Helen Craigs Helen Craigs

    The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tweets!

  116. Natalie Gillham Natalie Gillham

    I Love the necklace 🙂 x

  117. Emily Greentree Emily Greentree

    The orange bird necklace is amazing and I’d love to have that in my Christmas stocking!

  118. Jackie Chapman Jackie Chapman

    The Hotel Chocolat Christmas Tweets

  119. Oh, I love everything Ladybird Likes does, and that necklace is as amazing as ever!

  120. Oh I love this Bird themed gift guide – how cute is the necklace!

    Laura x

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