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My favourite parent blog posts, 2014

No way am I going to let December slip past without a good old set of lists! Here are a few of the parent blog posts I have read in the last year that I’ve enjoyed.

This guide on how to visit friends with kids, if you don’t have any yourself, by Eehbahmum. It’s funny, because even though I have one, I’m still this person.

This on parenting tricks gone wrong from Potty Mouthed Mummy. Not so much because I agree (some of them worked for me, soz), but because it sums up the innocent way we all suck up the tips, give them out, swear they’ll work, and curse the fact they sometimes don’t.

This, on why breastfeeding is not like going to the toilet from Along Came Cherry. Everybody’s got their own thoughts on this year’s breastfeeding in public debate. I like her thoughts.

This, on motherhood, from A Baby On Board. Just sums up the circle of life, really.

This, from the bad mum’s club, at But Why Mummy Why. It’s funny, even though I’m not at this stage yet. I wonder if it’ll be so funny when I am?

This, from Slummy Single Mummy, on happiness and affairs. WT actual F, exactly.

This, from Gingerlilly Tea, on siblings. These photos of her girls. Well. Just perfect.

This list from Not Another Mummy Blog on 40 books to read before you’re 4. This is the kind of thing I bookmark.

This brilliantly written account of trying do do work whilst your kids are at home, from Pass The Gin.

An equally brilliantly written, and illustrated account of how to eat meals with a toddler, from The Owl and The Accordion

As I was writing this, a friend told me about the #blogitforward hashtag and the idea of sharing great reads that you enjoy, rather than just blethering about your own stuff all the time. Which is cool. This post is totally meant in that spirit, and also to say, thanks for reading my blog, here’s some more to enjoy, too.

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  1. Lia Lia

    Yep, some really great pics! Spotted quite a few of my faves too πŸ™‚

  2. Oh wow this is a great list with some wonderful bloggers – so glad you didn’t let December slip by as I am loving this list

    Laura x

  3. I do love a lot of these blog and it’s so good spreading the joy! x

  4. Some of my favourites and some I’ve not come across yet, great list! x

  5. Thanks ever so much for including me! πŸ˜€ What a great list – there’s a few blogs on there I’ve not heard of before, so I’m off for a read!

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