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Things to do with the kids within an hour of Bristol this week

Always an awkward time of the year. People and children to entertain, purses a bit empty. I feel a bit put on the spot sometimes when asked ‘what do you want to do today?’ because there’s so much to do but so little at the same time! Here’s some ideas which might help find things to do near Bristol, with kids, in the next week.

Victoria Park playground, Bath

Have you been here? It’s a brilliant playground on the outskirts of the town, at the bottom of the beautiful park. It’s huge. It’s got four zones and play apparatus for everyone up to about 11-12yrs old I think. Swings, slides, ride ons, toilets, two cafes, and it’s fenced in and safe from dogs. You can drive and park easily early in the morning, or get a bus from South Bristol, or of course a train.

Wincanton Races, Bathwick Tyres raceday, Jan 3

OK, an hour might be stretching it from some parts of Bristol, but we went to Wincanton last Boxing Day for the races and it was brilliant. Really family friendly, great baby change, lovely setting, brilliant racing. We loved watching the horses thunder by with a hot chocolate in one hand and chips in the other!

There’s a race day on Jan 3rd which looks fab.


Visit Avoncliff and take a walk round the tiny village and canals

We discovered this place yesterday whilst looking around Bradford Upon Avon (which is also worth a visit, it’s lush!). Avoncliff is a small hamlet with a great looking pub called the Cross Guns, a working train station and lovely canals. You can just have a nice short walk (there’s a circular route listed on the pub’s website) or just mooch about.

Visit Chepstow Castle

I really like Chepstow and it’s unusual status of being claimed by both Wales and England.  To get there, you get to take a thrilling ride over the big bridge, and then turn right, and you’re basically there. Castles bring out such great imaginative play in children, and Chepstow has an awesome one. It’s the first stone built castle in Britain and it’s doors are 800 years old! It’s open at this time of year, although it’s closed on Jan 1.

Go to Slimbridge Wetlands Centre, Gloucestershire

I haven’t been to Slimbridge yet, but it’s so on my list for 2015. It’s really not far away and not only can you see some incredible bird life, but there’s an outdoor wet playground, many opportunities to feed ducks and geese, towers and hides to watch birds in, and six species of flamingo! It’s open almost every day of the year.

What will you be doing in Bristol with kids this week? Let me know if you have any ideas.

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  1. Great ideas, we are always looking for new things to do. I’ve just made a note of Bradford Upon Avon! x

  2. The only one of these I’ve visited is that amazing playground in Bath! It’s tricky sometimes not driving but it’s one of my goals to learn in 2015..maybe! x

  3. Kathryn Kathryn

    That in between time at Christmas can take some filling with kids – these look like great suggestions. Hope you’ve had a fab break!

  4. We love popping over to Victoria park, F loves it and it’s got so many great facilities in the playground. Also great being near the shops in Bath. x

  5. Chepstow and the Castle are one of our favourite day trips – around 45min from where we live – we are also big fans of Victoria Play Park in Bath (love bath) – thanks for sharing the others – going to check those out as well

    Laura x

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