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20 months old – the baggy trousers update

Tibbs has stopped eating. In retrospect, it was already happening when we were on our holidays to Cornwall last month, where she barely raised a spoon to anything we gave her, bar breakfast. But after a dragging virus that gave her a sore throat and a cough, things have just kept falling off the menu.

The child who always has x2 beside every meal record from nursery is now coming home with ‘tried’ or ‘some’. I’m a little worried. Her tiny trousers are becoming baggy. Her chin is a little less soft.

come back little eater!
come back little eater!

She swipes an arm through most foods I put down on her tray, bar filled pasta, breadsticks and hummus, and cheerios. She nibbles at fruit on the way home from nursery but won’t touch it in the house. Even fruit pouches are batted away. Sometimes, she doesn’t have a soiled nappy for four days. I’ve resorted to syringing in prune puree and lactulose. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m trying very hard to get her to drink more water, which is a constant task. Sometimes she’s randomly sick, seemingly when food makes her gag.

She pushes away her night time milk after half a bottle and reaches for her dummy as if to say, ‘that’s enough, I’m fine now’.

But every day she’s smiling, laughing, learning new words, trying new songs and copying new things she watches us do. Her eyes are bright, her sleep is barely any different (it’s never been 12 hours, put it that way).

I’ve spoken to a lot of parents of kids around 20 months old and there are similar things happening all over the place. Why am I writing this down? Well, I think because it’s helped me to know that this happens to other people to, and I still don’t know exactly what to do about it, other than to hope she starts eating again soon and continue to be cheery and not get frustrated as yet more food hits the floor.

I just don’t want to see those baggy trousers for much longer.

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  1. Rachel Rachel

    Sounds familiar. I just put it down to Edward turning up but seems like it would have happened anyway!

  2. Naomi Naomi

    We had a similar thing last month. She was rejecting tea without even a glance at what it was. Very frustrating and it’s amazing how much it makes you panic when your little one doesn’t eat…even though they can, as you say, happily go for days without eating. Think we’re back to normal now. Roll on the ‘x2’ for your little lady.

    • Thanks Naomi! It’s such a relief when I hear folks have experienced similar things.

    • Yes, actually, seems to have got back to full strength over the weekend thanks to some enthusiastic grandparent skills and happy times!

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