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Winter playground tips

Time waits for no Mum, as we know. It’s winter, nothing you can do to change that. Time is a cruel boss, but not as cruel as a toddler with steam to let off. Frozen is about to take on another, even more annoying significance in your life. They don’t care about their health or safety, or the weather, so here’s some winter playground tips for hanging out without passing out at playtime in the park.

  • Fingerless gloves (preferably with flip-over finger flaps). Don’t muck about with whimsical looking folk-mittens. You need dexterity and warmth to keep pushing that swing. But see, you only need digit access one freezing hand at a time! Get the finger flaps and your non-swinging hand remains toasty! These beauties are from Joules
  • A rucksack with hold-space you can reach round and access without taking it off – is there anything more annoying than getting all cosy with the added rucksack warmth and then having to take it off and ruffle the layers underneath? Get one with side pockets so you can reach behind like Lara Croft and grab the drink bottle/mobile etc. I love this one, so much – it’s HYMN at John Lewis 
  • Take your own thermos – it’ll save you a total packet on warming drinks in the long run. I think a retro lunchbox/thermos combo could work here well, snacks and hot drinks combined!
  • Pack a garden kneeler – if you don’t know what this is – it’s a piece of foam or cushion that’s weatherproof, which gardeners kneel on to stop getting dirty. Now you can sit on any cold or damp bench without looking like you wet your pants. You could even go extreme and buy knee pads if you’ve got children who need you to join in with play! Love the colour of this Burgon and Ball one
  • Take some outdoor chalk – if they need to be outside but there’s not a lot else going on, or no pals to play with, chalk drawings that will wash away in the rain can be mega fun. And it’s something you can join in with too. This is from Viking and it’s only  £1.29!
  • Take a magic towel – tiny, fun, cool, useful for ‘pretending’ minor bumps away, cleaning wet slides, mopping brows, or rubbing tired, cold fingers better. Plus, they make great stocking fillers! I love this Marlin motif example

What are your winter park essentials?

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  1. Cute post!Hope your little ones keep warm xxx

  2. I’m IN LOVE with that rucksack!! Also I got a little excited thinking they had brought out rainbow bright lunches boxes again, doh x

    • Don’t you think these sort of lunch boxes and flasks should come back? I do – there’s no reason why older ones shouldn’t be used!

  3. I always take a flask of coffee, wear lots of layers and take some of those handwarmer things that you can reuse!

    • I forgot handwarmers! They are awesome aren’t they?

  4. I have been meaning to pick up that sidewalk chalk for ages – in fact I think it would make a perfect stocking filler!

    Laura x

  5. LOVE the idea of a magic towel and WHY have I never thought of buying a gardening kneeler before? Genius!

  6. Rainbow Brite! My new challenge is getting the toddler to actually wear her winter coat. It’s the toastiest thing I’ve ever seen but she still insists on wearing her summer raincoat everywhere. I’m shivering just thinking about it x

  7. Wow how organised are you! I normally forget my coat and end up freezing. Fab tips, thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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