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39 things for people turning 40 in 2015

Yeah it’s my birthday. Guess how old I am today? I’m turning 40 next year and life is good. Here’s some things to stir the memories if you’re turning 40 in 2015.

  1. You’ve actually seen, and maybe implemented, more than one pubic hair ‘trend’
  2. Your school bag was probably one of these – but covered in badly copied band logos, passive-agressive slogans or biro-crafted hearts Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.46.58
  3. Your first car had a choke, which was probably broken, and you had something in the car which was exactly the right width to wedge in to keep it open
  4. You’ve written a letter to someone of the opposite sex in silver pen on black paper
  5. You can still remember your best friend from school’s home phone number
  6. You think the current fashion for high waist jeans is as rank as it was last time
  7. You know someone who came to school on own clothes day wearing an ‘I killed Laura Palmer’ t-shirt
  8. Or someone who wore an Inspiral Carpets ‘Cool as F@ck’ t-shirt under their school shirt
  9. Your last pair of Doc Martens cost £20.00 and were your school shoes for seven years with no drama
  10. You had one of these on your wall
  11. And you remember the intense discomfort of high-legged tanga pants a la those Calvins
  12. If you ever smoked, you probably did it on a bus, in McDonalds, in a taxi, or in a smoking room at work
  13. My So Called Life. This Life. Choose Life. It was all good.
  14. You actually did party like it was 1999, in 1999
  15. You probably did something pretty cool to celebrate the Millennium too, rather than stay in with your parents/small children
  16. Your first office wardrobe probably included some kind of baggy, shoulder-padded monstrosity suit in either burgundy or dark green, whether you’re male or female
  17. You watched 9/11 happen on the TV in your office, and you remember it like it was yesterday
  18. Your first text message wasn’t to someone you actually liked, it was to someone who had the same phone as you and was on the same network, because that’s all you could do
  19. The thought of kids having mobiles at school is still horrific to you, but you’d never have got through your first job without MSN messenger or ICQ
  20. You tell someone you didn’t watch something, but you have ‘taped it’
  21. You went to the all-night garage a lot as a student, and paid by cheque
  22. You went to Glastonbury and got in without a ticket, or Phoenix Festival
  23. You remember the re-trendification of cider in 2005 nearly as fondly as your teenage love for two-litre bottles of Woodpecker
  24. You’ll never drink ‘Oaky’ Chardonnay again after that one time ten years ago
  25. You’d rather have Rupert Campbell-Black than Christian Grey
  26. And your soft spot for Danny Dyer isn’t wrong anymore
  27. But your crush on Dr Karl Kennedy gets wronger every year
  28. Wayne or Garth? Bill or Ted? Jay or Silent Bob? Bodhi or Johnny Utah?
  29. There is a Light That Never Goes Out is still the most romantic song you’ve ever heard
  30. And Fast Car by Tracy Chapman still makes you cry
  31. By now, you’ve been through stuff that has made you empathise with all four Sex and The City characters, not just Carrie
  32. Weddings are still your only chance to get wasted on free booze with adults watching, but now they’re your only chance to get dressed up  as well
  33. Somebody you know left their partner because some old flame got back in touch with them through Friends Reunited
  34. You wonder how your parents raised you through the 80s and paid a 15% interest mortgage
  35. You considered, or did call Ocean Finance when you finished Uni and needed money, but the thought of Wonga makes you sick
  36. You know at least one person who’s life has been ruined by drugs
  37. You’ve celebrated friend’s marriages and comforted them through divorces in the same decade, and still can’t believe it
  38. You loved your 30s, but don’t miss your 20s
  39. You’re probably planning your 40th already, and you already know it’ll be awesome
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  1. Ros Ros

    Happy birthday to you! Hope you are celebrating with some trendy cider 🙂 this post is hilarious. I’m still wondering how it is possible that smoking in MacDonalds was normal, but it definitely was! Remember those tiny tin foil ashtrays?! x

  2. Lally Lally

    Those bags !

  3. I had one of those bags! I’ll be 34 next year but a lot of these are true for me too!

  4. I’m wishing I was only 40 – been there done that now 🙁 I still agree with plenty on your list though, I was only talking about my mini Metro having a choke with my daughter the other day! #MMWBH

    • Mine was a Metro as well – BEIGE!!!

  5. Excellent list but as I am heading far too fast to the next zero milestone there are a few of these that have gone right over my head LOL #madmidweekbloghop

  6. Haha some of these I totally get and others I don’t quite! I love these lists though, they always have things that I never remember until I read them! Oh and Happy Birthday! x

  7. 2, 3, 5, 13, 29 especially – but I can so relate to loads of these (even though I have a few – but not enough – years to go before 40.) Have just shown my husband, who has reached ‘the other side’ and he loved it, think he ticked them all. So very true also about loving 30s but not missing 20s, not when it comes down to it anyway! Great post #thelist

    • Thanks Yvette! Love the fact a fair few people agree with me on the car choke – I was worrying that people wouldn’t know what i was getting at!

  8. Best. Post. EVER! I turn 41 in February and this made me laugh so hard my kids were wondering what was wrong with me. I wish they knew how cool I really am/was.

    • Anne – I know you’re cool, and we’ve only just been introduced :))

  9. […] 39 things for people turning 40 in 2015 from The Bristol Parent for giving me the best laugh I’ve had in days and making me feel “cool” and young again.  Happy Birthday Eleanor! […]

  10. This is fantastic!! A girl in my year at school had that bag with CND logos drawn on it. And I LOVED My SO Called Life. And Trainspotting. Classics.

  11. Shhh, don’t tell anyone about my feelings about Dr Karl Kennedy!!! How did you know??! I was nodding away to all of this….

  12. What an ace post, alot I can relate too as well! I have to admit about the Dr Karl Kennedy thing too! HAHAH! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH x

  13. Well, my big birthday is imminent, but I’m heading toward it with a smile and a hope that it really is going to be fabulous. Oh, I miss those black and white Athena-style posters. I don’t miss cars with choke though 🙂 Loved this, really made me smile.

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