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Pregnancy – will you miss it once the baby’s here?

A big hello to any readers who are currently expecting a baby! This time two years ago, I was trundling into the second trimester of pregnancy, and experiencing the happiness of being able to tell friends and family. Isn’t it great, on so many levels? For various reasons, Tibbs’ appearance as a couple of faint pink lines was a huge, huge shock, and so very much longed for. But however they came about, those babies are coming. The downside is, the months of pregnancy can feel like years, sometimes.

I still had 3.5 months to go at this point!
I still had 3.5 months to go at this point!

On Friday, as we were choosing books in the Library, I suddenly started to think about being pregnant, and how it had felt. Could I even remember? Is it bad that I wasn’t sure I could? So, in tribute to all the ladies I’m seeing around Bristol with bumps, and with newborns, here’s the things I do and don’t miss about pregnancy.

I do miss..

  • Being able to wear horizontal stripes, for the first time in my life, and thinking they made me look better
  • Maternity leggings. God, they are awesome. That above the bump snugness! And always the right length too
  • The pitching and rolling of the baby at about month seven, like a fish under the water, giddily gliding about with room to spare and joy in its heart
  • The constant background excitement that whenever you’re alone with your partner – YOU’RE NOT REALLY ALONE!  There’s three people in the room!
  • Rubbing your big old tummy, and knowing it’s soothing you, and the baby (on this subject, did anyone else find that when the baby was born, it liked being soothed by being rubbed wherever you most commonly rubbed its body when it was still inside?)
Pretty near the end, If I remember right
Pretty near the end, If I remember right

I don’t miss..

  • Heartburn during pregnancy! I’d never had it before, it just arrived during pregnancy right at the end. I also got terrible indigestion and was happy to find that there are some products suitable for pregnant women
  • SPD – I’ve written about my SPD here, which was mild compared to some poor ladies’. Mild though it was, debilitating was the word I’d use to describe it’s effect. Luckily for me, it went almost the day after I gave birth
  • Silly comments from strangers – my friend Gill over at A Baby on Board has written an excellent post on this – I would struggle to put it better myself
  • Waiting. For test results. For the 20 weeks scan. For the right time to tell work. For the bus in the rain. For the irrational rage to subside when someone steals your parking space. Sigh
  • Watching, most days, as someone you love slowly enjoys a lovely pint of cider/glass of red wine/wheel of brie/trolley of sushi
Due date. Nothing happened, obvs.
Due date. Nothing happened, obvs.

Good luck to anyone expecting at the moment, I think the good memories will outweigh the not so pleasant, especially once you have that baby in your arms.

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  1. I absolutely loved being pregnant with Cherry, it was all so new and a real novelty. I could handle all the negatives because I felt so special and I hate to say it but second time round it was just really different. I found the negatives took over and trying to look after a toddler when I felt so exhausted, sick and uncomfortable was a real challenge. I also found it really affected my moods second time round, I was so emotional and anxious and would cry over the tiniest thing, I’m sure it was down to the boy hormones! So my point is that first time round I really missed my bump but second time round I was so happy not to be pregnant any more!! x

  2. I loved being able to feel F wiggle under belly too 🙂 although I also had heartburn and it was awful so totally sympathise with you. X

  3. I have to say, I can’t wait for this baby to be born. Four pregnancies is more than enough, and I honestly can’t imagine ever wanting to be pregnant again {mind I probably said that last time too!}

  4. This post really made me smile as I’m expecting at the moment and due in Feb – I have to be honest and say I am not one of these people who really loves being pregnant, I mean it’s a wonderful wonderful time but I am such an active person I don’t like slowing down, also I have some issues with my body changing so much as it’s always been a stable thing in my life and also the back pain – especially this time is awful, but it has been made easier by the fact my four year old loves rubbing my tummy and that is a lovely thing

    Laura x

  5. love the pictures! this was a lovely/interesting post to read too. i can’t even begin to imagine being pregnant, which in itself kind of feels weird but i don’t really have the desire to have children so probably makes sense!

  6. oh god the heart burn! The worst part for me were leg cramps, did you get that? I would literally burst into tears in the street when they happened and helpful people would say ‘you think that’s bad wait for labour’. Actually labour for me was a breeze, I’d take that over the leg cramps ‘helpful’ people. I do miss pregnancy but I wonder if it will ever be as special as the first time round x

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