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Puxton Park review

Puxton Park is a farm and countryside adventure playground, about half an hour outside Bristol by car.

We visited on an ordinary, School-holiday free Sunday morning, and the first thing we liked about it was the price! Adults are £4.70, and kids under 3 are FREE, so this was a day trip for under a tenner for us. Children over 3 are £6.10, by the way, and a family ticket for four is £18.00. This puts Puxton at a lot cheaper than Bristol Zoo, @Bristol and even National Trust properties for non-members like Tyntesfield. Bargain!

Like most parks of its kind, Puxton is split into zones, which are easily manageable for any walkers, or those in a pushchair. On this though, I would say that if you are the parent of a non-walker, I’d wait a few months to go to Puxton, a lot of the fun is of the ‘doing’ rather than the ‘seeing’ kind. If you are the parent of a child with additional needs, Puxton is fully Accessible, which is fantastic.

The enormous, colourful, loud and varied soft play centre is the first thing you come across. At 18 months, Tibbs liked it a lot, but wasn’t screaming with delight like some of the bigger children going down the huge slides and bouncing, literally, off the walls. There were a couple of phone-hunched parents on the cafe tables whilst they’re kids ran riot, which irritated me a little, but most people were joining in the fun. The coffee, I’ve got to say, wasn’t that brilliant, but the bacon sandwich was absolutely delicious! No picnics are allowed inside, but if you take your own lunches and snacks, I think you can eat them outside, which is massive, and really quite awesome.

The whole outside has different zones, and we stuck to three. The bouncy pillow is a giant rainbow inflatable pillow to bounce on. The sand pit is a big enclosure full of big wooden replica JCBs and other diggers. It’s also, brilliantly, got about 100 buckets and spades lying around, so you can build sandcastles or haul pretend cement around. We then headed down the paddocks, past piglets, goats and bouncy trampolines, to the working dairy farm.


The dairy farm was my favourite bit. All the lovely cows had just been milked and were chomping on their lunch. It was moist-aired, cow-pat smelling, mooing, hoof-shuffling fun – a real dairy farm, not a sanitised suburban version. All the children loved it.

We left Puxton through the farm shop and decided to do our weekly shop there to compare prices, and it did very well. We especially liked the ‘scoop your own’ frozen products (peas and garlic mushrooms for us) and the meat, which was delicious, particularly the sausages.

In the dead of winter with lashing rain, Puxton’s indoor entertainment is probably busy but worthwhile. If the weather is any way doable for outdoors, or you’re a fan of the mud-suit and wellies combo, Puxton Park is a total bargain and really very good fun day out.

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  1. I really like Puxton Park – the soft play area is great and I love the shop. My one gripe -I assume they still do it, it’s been a year since I was last there – is the music they play when you’re looking at all the animals, it’s really annoying and I’d rather just look at the animals with no music so it would feel a little more authentic! But it is a great price and a good family day out.

  2. We’ve been a couple of times, the first was great but the second time it was freezing and the whole place was flooded so we didn’t see anything! We could have gone in the soft play but I have a bit of a phobia of them 😉 The cafe is good though! x

  3. I’ve heard of this place but think it might be tricky (or I’m lazy!) to get to on public transport, I need to learn to drive Wilf would love the bouncy pillow thing! x

  4. I had no idea entry was so cheap! That’s really good value for the money from the looks of it. Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to check this out with my kids. Talitha would love it.

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