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Natural treatments for childhood eczema

Eczema is the pits. I know, because I’ve had it for nearly ten years now and it’s itchy, disfiguring and sore. So when Tibbs began displaying symptoms, particularly in the heat, I was really sad. Childhood eczema isn’t nice for a parent or baby to try and cope with.

So far, we’ve only just started down the treatment route, with a couple of visits to the doctor, a natural health shop, and lots of advice from friends in similar situations. I’ve been sent some products by Salcura who produce the Bioskin Junior range. It’s a new product range that covers childhood eczema, cradle cap, nappy rash and skin dryness in babies and children. There’s a really handy slider on the website which helps determine which products might be suitable for you by symptom.

I’ve made (my first ever) vlog to tell you a bit more about it. Cringe, but quite fun at the same time. I tested out the Daily Nourishing Spray, with 92% natural ingredients and no steroids. Smelt wonderful!

I’ve also got a giveaway too – Bioskin Junior is offering readers a little Bioskin package – the face and body wash, and shampoo. Just enter below using the giveaway widget and I’ll announce the winners on November 1st.

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  1. I used to get eczema behind my ear when I was little, it was awful, so itchy and sore. Luckily it just went away when I got older but it wasn’t nice at all x

  2. Ben used to get terrible Eczema when he was a baby, but seems to have grown out of it thankfully – it used to be awful, behind his knees, under his arms and even on his face in bad weather. I wish this had been around then, it sounds like a fantastic product!

  3. Lia Lia

    We’ve managed to escape eczema luckily, which i’m grateful for as I suffered so much as a child (still do actually). This looks very good!

  4. I love this, you are a natural! I’ve never suffered from eczema and thankfully neither has Wilf (or Tom I don’t think) however I had a friend as a child who had it terribly and I remember how much it used to bother her so anything that helps is fab, especially as it’s all natural xx

  5. My eldest had terrible eczema when she was little, we had to cut dairy out of her diet which helped some. Oats in her bath were good – thankfully it’s cleared up a lot as she’s grown up {p.s – great vlog :D}

  6. I love the vlog – it’s so nice to hear people talk when you have been following their blog for a while. These products sound great and the slider on the website is super handy. Hope it works and you both don’t have to go through this

    Laura x

  7. It’s nice to see you in your video. I know eczema can be such a problem. My husband suffers from it from time to time. Though, oddly, it has got better since eliminating dairy. It’s been in the news recently with Milli Hill talking about a treatment that worked for her child. Worth looking up if you need more ideas. x

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