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Halloween floral craft showcase – with Vera Fallacy

I can’t tell you how excited I am to showcase this. Beks Harhat, owner of the incredible new South Bristol florist Floriography by Vera Fallacy, has big plans for Halloween. When I asked her to come up with some spooky floral make ideas, hopefully involving pumpkins and Autumnal flowers, she came up with these creations.

The thinking behind all her seasonal work is ‘when all the dark meets all the light’. The displays she has created with flowers, plants, light and shade are more like light installations or paper puppet shows from a gothic bygone era. So appropriate for a florist who’s premises teeter over the brow of the hill in Totterdown which bares down onto the goth-fest that is Arnos Vale cemetery.

Here’s Beks in her own words explaining how you can do this at home. All the frickin tricks with all the treats!

“Some fun for children and … adults that is a little bit different to your usual Jack O’Lantern and can last hours ( well we think so) and can be done cheaply and with as much or as little effort as your willing to make and still be effective.

What you definitely need to re-create these Halloween pumpkin craft idea;

  • A pumpkin OR a squash OR a Gourd OR a combination depending on the magic you want to create
  • A knife
  • A spoon
  • Someone who is able to safely use a knife to do the scraping (that is not always those deemed the adults)
  • Tealights, candles and candle holder things. You could also use a lamp. Again this will depend on the magic you wish to create.
  • A space for your display near a blank light coloured backdrop- this can be created with a sheet if you don’t have the right backdrop.
  • A torch or a charged phone with a light. Or combinations of light sources
  • Stuff to create the shapes and texture – Fresh Flowers x Dried Flowers x Artificial Flowers x Bits of hedges (we love using flowers) x feathers x leaves x unusual shaped sticks x berries x beads x shells x toilet rolls x polystyrene balls x lollipop sticks x Feathers x Tissue Paper x Card x Glitter x Paint or Pens x Fabrics x… Collect stuff over the next couple of weeks – it’s good for occupying kids – creates a run up- and well means you get to use what you find hopefully saving pennies
  • Stuff to cut, stick and attach all that magic- Scissors, wire cutters, various tape, glue, wire (craft wire, garden wire), cocktails sticks – good for poking into pumpkins with shapes attached if you don’t have wire. You could equally use cut up card as sticks and tape to attach shapes if you want to avoid any more sharp objects
  • A camera for capturing the magic you create….

You could use:

  • A drill (high risk but very effective and allows for getting the never used drill out (mummy and or daddy fun- using the drill and the shelves won’t fall down).

So what do you do… you get making your Halloween magic….

  • Cut, paste, bend, colour….explore and make as many different shapes as you can.
  • Once you have created and attached your shapes then you set up your light and dark display. You get your cameras ready you make sure you have the torch/es ready and you turn the lights out.
  • Take it in turns to shine the lights on your shapes creating a new world whilst the other uses the camera to capture the magic.
  • Experiment with the light and moving around your creations to create new creations– hours … of fun.
  • Use the pictures here for inspiration and if there is anything you are not sure about you can ask us … or ask each other….
  • And these creations can be used again for a few nights- adding and taking away things, and in the day time if you used the option of putting a small pot inside you can have fresh flowers to brighten the days…

If you’re Bristol based, Beks wants you to pop in and get your ideas for creating this yourself at home. I’ve never met anyone so passionate about her craft and so delicately involved with what she creates. It’s joyous to see. She’s just what Bristol is to me, a relative newcomer – a proper individual woman with a crazy quirk which shines out of her like a nice big floral beacon!

We’d love to see photos if you attempt anything similar, do share them on the Floriography FB page, or the Bristol Parent.

Floriography can be found at 152, Wells Rd, Totterdown, BS4 2AG, T 01173 29 27 20


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  1. What a great idea, love the use of caring shadows. I think I’m going to give this a go and create a spooky grotto x

  2. Ooh I love these…I’m a big fan of Halloween so these are right up my street!! Creepy, cool and fun. I love this c reative city, it’s got the best people in it! 🙂

  3. Oh how cool is this – I love all the shadows – such a creative way to display flowers – given me so many ideas

    Laura x

  4. oh i’m loving all the shadows! looks great, and the pumpkin looks ace too!

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